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Tooling Design

If you are looking for experts in the field of tooling design you’ve come to the right place. Cad Crowd is the ultimate source for top-rated freelance tooling design experts. Our job is to connect our clients with a tooling design freelancer capable of designing the best scheme for their product. We have designers that are carefully selected, qualified, trained and experienced and supported by our guarantee that your new tooling design will match your project’s specifications. Leave all the fears of online hiring aside and establish a professional relationship with a respected professional in the field of tooling design from Cad Crowd.

Tooling design is a broad, specialized area that belongs to manufacturing engineering. This type of design includes planning, analysis, design, construction and finally, the application of tools, techniques, and procedures required to boost manufacturing productivity. It is obvious that this type of design can be beneficial for a wide range of industries. When it comes to the tools, tooling design is focused on tools like cutting tools, work holding tools, extrusion dies, forging dies, sheet metal dies, injection molds and inspection and welding fixtures. 

The most important tooling design elements include robust design for high-speed manufacturing, design for low tooling care and maintenance, innovative and well-balanced mold design used for quick molding cycles and cost reduction with the help of innovative design in insert molding process. Of course, this is just part of the elements associated with this process. 

During the early stage of a tool design, professional designers assess every option they have to achieve an optimal tooling design. For instance, insert molded elements that include over molding of complex stamping requires adequate design engineering. This process can be made less expensive when the designer knows how to implement and incorporate laser welding, component assembly in the die, and grinding. A talented tooling design freelancer like the ones found on Cad Crowd will make sure that this job is done in a proper way.

The designers you can hire on Cad Crowd will work together with you over the entire tooling design process. This means that they will be there for the initial analysis and planning, but they will also be there for the designing and construction part. In some cases, they can help you with the application phase if needed. They were trained and qualified for this type of job, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

At Cad Crowd, we are proud of our community that includes top-rated tooling design experts that come from different countries across the world. As we said before, our mission is to connect clients with the best freelancers. These designers found on Cad Crowd are offering their talent at more than reasonable price.  You can pick these designers on your own or you can simply send us details about your project. We'll evaluate your needs and requirements and find the best individual for the task based on your specifications, and we'll provide you with a free quote. 

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