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I´m an industrial designer from Argentina, i studied in FADU - UBA (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño, y Urbanismo).

I have six years of expirience modeling 3D parts and assemblies with the software, i have allways tried to make y models as detailed as posible and i dont preteend to downgrade that standard.

I have expirience using different modules within the program, trying to explore all of them:
- Solid bodies ✅
- Surfaces ✅
- Sheet Metal. ✅
- Assemblies ✅
- Toolbox ✅
- FEA Analsys ✅
- Flow simulation Analisys ✅
-Technical documentación ✅

Using all these modules i have 3D modeled all kinds of products from tools like wire stipprers, screwdrivers, and manual rivetting machines, to appliances as hand blenders coffee makers. Or small electronics and props, such as a webcam, or the neuralyzer form MIB.
I also develop for my college thesis, with my collegues, a kefir fermenting machine from 0, incorporating all the 3D parts it needed to be protiped.

I have been using the program around th same time as Soldiworks, around 6years, i got the hang of it, i still can get better with it, and will. I have an (hidden) to use as a blog of my progress (barenboim.di).
Insiste the software i usual use the following funciona for most of my renders:

- Material aplicación
- Material editor ✅
- Applaying Stickers ✅
- Editting textures ✅
- Applaying enviroments ✅
- Editting enviroments ✅
- Incorporating lights ✅
- Edit Surfaces ✅
- UV Uwrap ✅

▪️Technical Documentation:
I usually lake the technical drwaings with SolidWorks, and edit it in Illustrator, separating tete diferente views and details in layers, twaeking it a bit, so it can be seen neat and origanized, i fix the linea with, and finally modificating the tipography.


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  • Freelancer | By my self Daniel Barenboim · Freelance Jan 2022 – Present 6 mos undefined, Argentina 3D modeling; Rendering; Technical Documentation, and Assemblies.
  • Assistant Manager Silvia Barenboim | accountant office · Part-time Mar 2018 – Present 4 yrs 4 mos undefined, Argentina Bank procedures; Collections, Payment Management; Billing;
    Armed with files; File management;
    Digitization of files; Purchase of supplies; Inventory;
    File management.
  • Marketing Assistant Rep-inyeccion: · Part-time Mar 2018 – Mar 2020 2 yrs undefined, Argentina Public attention; Billing; Product photography; Photo editing.


  • FADU (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo) Industrial + Product Design, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelor 2012 – 2022 I have studied Industrial Design, from idea, to production, diferent materials and processes, and a meticulous technical documentation very neat, and carefeull.
    I got preficent and dedicated with SolidWorks for my cad models, and Keyshot for my detailed renders.