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I am a mechanical engineer.
I have experience in many areas such as : robotics, automatic guided vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, remote control units,medical devices, different manufacturing techniques, composites materials, electronic hub motors casign designs, clean energy, mold design, 3d printer. I have done many projects in that areas since I started to university and after my graduation. I worked some robotics and mechatronics companies while at universty as a part time after graduation full time. I have designed and produced prototype and final products.

I am ready to work from your sketches, descriptions, drawings or images on anything from idea to concept to details.

Speciality ;
* Mechanical Design
* 3D modeling
* Manufacturing drawings
* Machine design
* Sheet metal design
* Surface design
* Mold design
* Product Design
* Mechanisms

Softwares :
* Solidworks (2D/3D)
* Catia
* Ansys
* 3ds-max
* Keycreator
* Keyshot


  • Mechancial Design Engineer Esetron Mechatronics · Full-time Apr 2017 – Jun 2021 4 yrs 2 mos Ankara, Ankara, Turkey Throw able Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Project- is a throw able, rugged, hand-carried Unmanned Ground Vehicle which performs persistent surveillance indoor/outdoor and day/night by integrated cameras. It is designed to support several units such as SWAT, Public Safety, Military, and Law Enforcement.
    • Designer of UGVs in different sizes such as; 1.5 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg.
    • Designer of payloads for UGVs (Launcher, Carrier, Surveillance module, Thermal Surveillance module, Improvised explosive device (IED) Unit, Small Weapon Platform, Gripper )
    • Designer of remote control units for UGVs
    • Responsible for production and assembly processes of these UGVs and Payloads
    • Responsible for documentation process of these projects

    Transformer Project - A multifunctional hydraulically powered platform for yachts. It can be installed aft and serves as a passarella, swim ladder, tender lift and loading platform.
    • Designer of the Platform
    • Responsible for production and assembly processes of the platform

    Designer of Helicopter Simulator Project – 3 axes electric powered simulator platform.
  • Mecchanical Design Engineer Milvus Robotics · Full-time Nov 2015 – Apr 2017 1 yrs 5 mos Ankara, Ankara, Turkey • AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) Project - R&D and Design
    • Mobile Robot Platforms Project - R&D and Design
  • Mecchanical Design Engineer Esetron Mechatronics · Full-time May 2013 – Sep 2014 1 yrs 4 mos Ankara, Ankara, Turkey I worked as a mechanical engineer at design, manufacturing and assembling departments.
    Top projects that I worked:
    • Barrier-free arrival systems: installing mechanic systems to higher and lower grounds to make arrivals easy for people with disabilities.
    • Fizyotech: a medical device for using dental clinics.
    • Instron: medical loading device for dentistry studies for pulling, pushing and breaking tests.
    • Cleaning Robot: Indoor cleaning robot that can do wet and dry cleaning.
    • Occusal loading: Medical device that can do cycling, loading and chewing tests for dentistry purposes.
    • Experience of using CNC, Milling and Turning machines.
  • Team Leader Metu Robotic Society · Part-time Oct 2008 – May 2013 4 yrs 7 mos Ankara, Ankara, Turkey I was the team lead of Clean Energy Team.
    • Mechanical Design for Hydrogen and Solar Cars.
    • Manufacturing (machining) and Assembly experience and Composite material knowledge.
    • Manufacture of composite (fiberglass and carbon fiber) vehicle body. (used methods: vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion).
    • At Turkish Aerospace Industries, autoclave manufacture of carbonfiber vehicle parts.
    • I have experiences of teamwork, project management and leadership.


  • Middle East Technical University BACHELER OF ENGINEERING, Mechaical Engineering 2008 – 2014