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Luka Radunovic

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Mechanical Analysis and Design

Cad Crowd is one of the leading mechanical analysis and design companies that provides highly skilled and talented mechanical analysis and design freelancers. We'll connect you with a professional that can help you understand characteristics of new materials and develop a wide range of systems and components. 

We will take the guesswork out of hiring designers online. Just send as your project brief and we will evaluate it and then match you with the designers who are pre-qualified and fully equipped to carry out a range of mechanical analysis and design services. Our designers are backed by a guarantee that deliverables will be accurate to your project specifications. 

Mechanical engineers are employed by high-tech companies to help study and analyze characteristics of materials that will be used in manufacturing products. They will provide answers needed to develop a specific solution to a particular project. 

Mechanical analysis and design involves the development of a wide range of mechanical components and systems and enable engineers to improve their skills and abilities in design development tools and component and system analysis. 

Mechanical analysis and design freelancers are expected to be well versed in computer-aided design, COFA (consequence of failure analysis), MATLAB, and practical applications of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T). 

More than just the usual mechanical analysis and design firms, Cad Crowd's community of designers and freelancers are experts in SolidWorks, mechanical design with MATLAB, GD&T, and reliability centered maintenance and FMEA.  

Mechanical analysis and design is used on several projects, such as investigation of thermal field in friction surfacing, design and analysis of engine inlet manifold, and design and analysis of engine piston, cylinder fins, engine piston, and flywheel in petrol engine.  

Mechanical analysis sets the start of a product's life cycle. 

Depending on the materials to be analyzed, a variety of aspects will be tested. In terms of acoustics, for example, analysis will enable a designer and engineer to understand and produce components that will create, harness, measure, or muffle acoustic waves. 

To analyze fatigue, structures are subjected to repetitive loads that will not compromise structural integrity but will fail following a large number of cycles. 

Throughout the product life cycle of a mechanical system, CAD is integrated and optimized. CAD and analysis models are worked simultaneously to obtain details for accurate and efficient manufacturing. 

The advantage of hiring professional mechanical analysis and design freelancers from Cad Crowd is that manufacturing processes are carried out effectively. The product's life cycle and time-to-market is also shortened. 

Because our designers and engineers are fully equipped with the tools needed in mechanical analysis and design, they will work with you through the entire project, from concept development to product manufacturing. With their ability to effectively and seamlessly optimize CAD and analysis model integration, they we will help you achieve your goals on time and within your budget. 

Regardless of the scope and complexity of a project, they will work with you or your team to achieve your goals. 

With a community of thousands of CAD design professionals, Cad Crowd gives you access to reliable professionals from all over the world and a range of mechanical analysis and design services. 

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