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I am an aerospace and design enthusiast. I have good command in Solidworks, CATIA, Hypermesh, MSc Nastran, ANSYS CFD, and ICEM CFD. I am good at hand-calculations of static structures and validate the same results using FEA software.


  • Aircraft Structures Engineer Leap Aeronautics · Full-time Aug 2019 – Present 4 yrs 8 mos Bengaluru, KA, India - Working on the design of 5-Seater electric VTOL aircraft.
    - Designed and built 3 subscale aircraft prototypes to test the proof of concept.

    - Working on preliminary design and structural hand calculations (static) of aircraft structures (wing, fuselage, and horizontal and vertical tail).

    - Developed Python codes to compute the bending stresses and shear flows in the wing, horizontal tail, and vertical tail.

    - Developed Python codes to size the aircraft structural components for carbon fiber composite materials based on the classical laminate theory of composites.
  • Design Engineering Intern Gloinnt Solutions Pvt. Ltd. · Full-time Mar 2019 – Aug 2019 5 mos Bengaluru, KA, India • Designed a low-cost e-bike having 33% more range than the existing products in the same segment in the market.
    • Contributed to the project: ‘Airport Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)’
    • Performed structural analysis on the ‘Aircraft Simulator’ using ANSYS 18.0
    • Learned the importance of GD&T, ANSI and ISO Standards in the engineering drawings.
    • Performed structural analysis using Hypermesh and ANSYS and optimized the frame of the bicycle.


  • SJC Institute of Technology B.E in Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering 2014 – 2018

Licenses & Certifications

  • Altair Hypermesh EduCADD Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mar 2018 – Present See credential
  • ANSYS ICEM CFD (HEXA), ANSYS FLUENT, AND ANSYS CFX Niharika Institute of Computational Engineering (NICE) Feb 2018 – Present See credential
  • Dassault Systemes CATIA EduCADD Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Apr 2017 – Present See credential

Age: 27

Joined: November 25, 2018

Last seen: October 25, 2023


English Full professional proficiency


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India