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Tucana Engineering, LLC

Tucana Engineering, LLC

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Sebastian Popa

Sebastian Popa

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design guru

design guru

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Structural Analysis

It is important to know everything there is to know about structural analysis in order to make sure your business is going to be in good condition. Structural analysis is all about finding out how loads have an impact on physical structures and what they are made out of. This can range from buildings, vehicles, machines, bridges, and any other type of structure that must take on a load.

Structural analysis uses different types of knowledge like materials science, applied mechanics, and applied mathematics to find the structure’s deformations, support reactions, accelerations, stability, internal forces, and stresses. Once these various results have been found, they are used to determine whether a structure is able to be used for the load it's supposed to take on. This is mostly done by using physical tests. It's easy to see why this is a very important part of designing a structure.

We can provide you with any type of structural analysis you need! We take on both short and long term projects, whether you need a team of freelancers for a deadline or you are in need of an individual to help you out with a string of projects. Big or small, we’ll help with all! We can ensure that your building or structure is going to be best suited for the load and job you need it to be able to uphold. Nothing is worse than a structure that cannot complete its job. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Your services need to be customized to your specific structure which is why we offer completely custom designed services. Our experienced team of freelancers is ready to take on your project and provide you with the services you require to make your structure stable and capable! If there’s anything we can help you with as far as structural analysis goes, don’t wait! Give us a call and see what we can do for you. The sooner you let us know what we can do, the less time it’ll take before your structure is ready.

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