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I am an experienced lead engineer, a PMP certified project manager and a product development expert, with over 15 years of work experience at multinational companies, out of which 10 years come from leading roles. My industries have been Automotive (9 years), Aviation (4 years) and professional Drones (2 years). My main task has always been the development of new products, the recovery of critical products and projects, the removal of complex risks and errors, and the development of life-cycle, work methods and best practices, as well as handling important stakeholders, customers, management, and suppliers. I have been one of the top performers in all of my companies.

Dedication and pinpoint focus allowed me to succeed in these challenging environments, whether working alone, or managing a cross-functional team. „Doing things until they are done“ is my moving principle. A strong project management background starting in 2012, a nearly mother language level German and a business fluent English allowed me to understand and handle business with partners in Europe, in the USA, in China, in South-Korea, and in other countries worldwide.

I had the luck to work with 26 nationalities based in 12 countries. A proactive approach, analytical and flexible thinking, and a problem solving mindset allowed me to find solutions to longtime critical issues, and successfully fulfill customer requirements by integrating these solutions with proper deadline, cost and stakeholder management into the product or project. A PMP certificate rounds up the project management background.

The work at multinational companies developed a company culture based strong work ethics and a process based structured workflow, through which continuous learning and self-development became a key aspect of my life.

I hope this description contains a proper demonstration of how my skills could be used to accelerate project success and company growth in your business.

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  • Project Management and Engineering Expert Self-Employed · Self-employed May 2021 – Present 2 yrs 9 mos Budapest, Hungary Expert for Critical Product Problems and Project Management Solutions

    Project Management:
    - Requirements creation and analysis (QFD / Voice of the Customer)
    - Scope development
    - Project charter development
    - Integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, communication, resource, stakeholder, risk and procurement management
    - Negotiation with sensitive stakeholders
    - APQP creation and maintenance
    - Technical project management
    - Risk and Opportunity analysis (FMEA, SWOT, Root cause, Expert judgement)
    - Risk and Opportunity response creation
    - Problem exit planning (PDCA)
    - Recovery of critical and complex projects and risks
    - Team building and people management
    - Life-cycle management
    - Methodology and Best practice creation
    - Sourcing, supplier search and development
    - Project Anchoring

    - Product concept creation (incl. CAD concept)
    - Product and feature specification, requirements creation
    - Mechanical design of parts and assemblies according DFM / DFA / DFS
    - Parametrized 3D CAD modelling and 2D Drafting
    - Mechanical interface definition
    - Tolerance studies and calculations (GD & T)
    - Solutions alternatives cross-comparison (Trade-off analysis)
    - SPC grid creation
    - NPI process support
    - FMEA / DRBFM creation
    - Design change management and change expert judgement
    - On-site prototype building
    - Evaluation test and release criteria planning
    - Manufacturing process planning
    - Cross-Functional Team support
    - Product improvement / Design defect identification
    - Consultant for the full product development process and for manufacturing
  • Sr. Development Engineer / Group Leader Perspective Robotics AG · Full-time Feb 2018 – Mar 2020 2 yrs 1 mos Zürich, ZH, Switzerland - Product scope and product requirement creation
    - Mechanical and mechatronic design from first concept until serial handover for injection molded, machined, vacuum formed plastic parts, machined, layup, autoclave and heat pressed carbon fiber parts, machined, sheet metal, stamped metal parts and electromotors (SolidWorks)
    - Managing sub-system development over the full development life-cycle, including serial manufacturing
    - Deadline and cost management
    - Cost and project analysis
    - Product development life-cycle creation
    - Design and product release and validation planning
    - Prototype manufacturing and testing
    - Sourcing and supplier development (mainly China, South-Korea and Europe)
    - Product development support from first concept up to serial production
    - Product development over the full life-cycle from the first idea to start of production
  • Business Owner / Engineering Consultant Business Motivation Team Kft. · Self-employed Feb 2013 – Oct 2016 3 yrs 8 mos Budapest, Hungary - Identifying and Removing product design and development issues for injection molded parts, molding tools and final product (SolidWorks, CATIA V5)
    - Root cause analysis of complex problems and solution alternatives creation
    - Process development
    - CAD life-cycle development
    - APQP creation for injection molding tool development and manufacturing
    - Salesperson for climate chambers and weather testing stations
    - Weather test planning
  • HVAC Lead Engineer / DC Engineering Manager Johnson Electric · Full-time Jan 2016 – Jun 2016 5 mos Hatvan, Hungary - Leading an HVAC DC actuator design and testing group
    - Syncing work with the Mexican, Swiss and US teams
    - Leading product development over the full life-cycle, including manufacturing support for plastic parts, PCB-s, electromotors and final product
    - Technical project management
    - Creating release testing plans (DV, PV) according customer standards
    - Design release and validation
    - Managing value creation, error prevention and error removing processes
    - Customer contact, and contact person for other departments
    - Resolving customer complaints
    - QFD and FMEA lead
  • Lead Engineer Johnson Electric · Full-time Jun 2015 – Dec 2015 6 mos Hatvan, Hungary - Leading an HVAC DC actuator design team
    - CAD design (CATIA V5)
    - Technical project management
    - Creating release testing plans (DV, PV) according customer standards
    - Design release and validation
    - Customer contact, and contact person for other departments
  • Design Engineer / Project leader ESCAD Austria (FACC) · Full-time Dec 2011 – Jul 2012 7 mos Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, Austria - CAD concept creation, design and manufacturing support for the full internal cargo section. Plastic components, glass fiber lining components, and equipment attachments. (CATIA V5)
    - Design team lead
    - Technical project management
    - Customer contact, and contact person for other departments
  • Design Engineer / CAD Leader MAGNA Auteca · Full-time Sep 2008 – Nov 2011 3 yrs 2 mos Weiz, Styria, Austria - CAD concept creation, design, manufacturing support and change management of HVAC, turn light, mirror and grill shutter actuators, headlight and side turn indicator body components. Injection molded parts, aluminum parts, zinc die-cast parts and final product. (CATIA V5)
    - Recovery of critical design projects
    - Leading a small team
    - Creation and maintenance of a development change management tool
    - Creation and improvement of CAD design methodologies
    - Contact person for other departments
  • Design Engineer Luehmann Ingenieur AG · Full-time Apr 2005 – Jul 2008 3 yrs 3 mos Buxtehude, NDS, Germany - Development and CAD design creation of custom cabin lining (CATIA V5)
    - Development and CAD design creation of plastic and glass fiber lining components, secondary structure, PSU channel, O2 system layout
    - Recovery of critical design projects
    - Leading small teams
    - Design release
    - VPM and CATIA V5 training of colleges
    - Customer contact, and contact person for other departments
    - Key role in design and development life-cycle method creation


  • PTE PMMIK Bach., Mecahanical 2000 – 2003
  • Zipernowsky Karoly Technical College Technical Certificate , Total Quality Management 1999 – 2000
  • Zipernowsky Karoly Technical College Engineer, Mechanal Engineering 1995 – 2000

Licenses & Certifications

  • PMP Certificate PMI Dec 2020 – Present See credential
  • APIS IQ FMEA acc. VDA and AIAG APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH Aug 2015 – Present See credential