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I joined the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra in 2008, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (post-Bologna). Concludes, at the same institution, the Master in Mechanical Systems and Equipment in 2013, in a total of 5 years of academic career. Associativism was not left out: I joined the Orxestra Pitagórica and was a founding member of the Tuna Académica of the institution where I studied (ISECOTUNA).

I was awarded two FCT Research Grants, one in 2013 which focused on the mechanical properties of composite materials, combined forces and interlaminar fracture, another in 2014 in the context of the structural integrity of aeronautical light alloys (propagation of fatigue cracks, overloads, crack closure phenomenon and its measurement by DIC – Digital Image Correlation).

I was involved in the Vehicle Transformation Industry, in an ambitious project called TecLife, where I played the role of Production Engineer during a year of great growth and maturation for the company.

I continued to work in the automotive area, belonging to the logistics team at Gestamp Vendas Novas, an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metallic components and assemblies for the automotive industry, with Volkswagen Autoeuropa as its main customer. Given the scope of projects in which I was involved, I acquired solid knowledge in terms of Supply Chain Management, having followed an intense period of growth in production activity, industrialization and adjudication of new projects, always following the Industry 4.0 model.

I also played the role of Project Designer at SIRMAF, where I was responsible for the construction project and conversion of special robotic machines for the automotive industry. I also prepared 3D and 2D CAD, specifications, instruction manuals, risk analysis, preventive maintenance tables, etc.

I also developed methods and time optimization projects at Paul Stricker, and actively participated in the training of new employees.

After some accumulated experience, I continued to develop my career as a Designer Designer at Indusstock, where I was also responsible for the production department.

I am currently part of the Riatrónica team, being the Mechanical Project Manager.


  • Mechanical Design Manager Riatrónica · Full-time Apr 2021 – Present 3 yrs Ilhavo, Aveiro District, Portugal
  • Mechanical Designer Indusstock · Full-time Oct 2019 – Feb 2021 1 yrs 4 mos Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra District, Portugal Project, construction and conversion of machines for the food industry, namely conveyors,
    extruders, packaging machines, labeling machines, robotic cells, metal detectors, etc.
    Preparation of all necessary documentation for production.
    Production planning and management.
  • Project Transformation Leader Paul Stricker · Full-time Jul 2019 – Sep 2019 2 mos Murtede, Coimbra, Portugal Responsible for the management and implementation of continuous improvement projects, analysis of methods and times, study of logistical routes and training and evaluation of new employees.
  • Project Designer Sirmaf · Full-time Jun 2018 – Jun 2019 1 yrs Coimbra, Coimbra District, Portugal Responsible for the design and construction of special machines, parts clamping machines, assembly machines, for the automotive industry;
    Mechanical and thermal analysis services in systems of various industries;
    Preparation of 3D and 2D CAD, Specifications, Instructions Manual, Risk Analysis, Maintenance Tables.
  • Logistics Designer Gestamp · Full-time Jul 2016 – Apr 2018 1 yrs 9 mos Vendas Novas, Évora, Portugal Material requirement planning (components and raw material);
    Supply chain management (PPE's, maintenance items and general purchases);
    Participation in the weekly production planning meeting and follow-up its compliance;
    Creation and follow-up of logistic KPI's;
    Elaboration of reports, action plans, FMEA, SWOT, 8D, Kaizen, 5S and SIPOC analyzes;
    Integration into teams for definition, planning and implementation of production plans, internal logistics processes and control systems for new projects;
    Analysis of JIT supply flows (packaging needs, security stocks, production lots and transit material);
    Drafting of specifications and RFP's for services and handling/packaging equipment;
    Realization and presentation of economic feasibility studies of new investments (analysis of alternatives, IRR, payback and break-even);
    Development, implementation, management and monitoring of LEAN LOGISTICS projects, including:
    ▪ management and coordination of the internal flow of materials and packaging using specifically developed software;
    ▪ implementation of logistics trains (tugger-trains) to supply the production cells;
    ▪ creation and redefinition of layouts and storage systems;
    ▪ optimization of loads, frequencies and truck routes (milk-run, cross-docking and round trip);
    ▪ creation of loading/unloading windows for levelling the weekly capacity of shipments/receptions.
  • Manager Production Engineering Teclife · Full-time Sep 2015 – Jul 2016 10 mos Aveiro, Aveiro District, Portugal Responsible for the planning and organization of production;
    Responsible for the management of human resources, machinery and processes on the factory floor;
    Responsible for the team of developers of new equipment and products, connecting the demands of the customers to the productive capacities of the company and the suppliers;
    Participation in the elaboration of work instructions and in the implementation of productive processes and of continuous improvement, within the scope of Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015;
    Drafting of documents for R&D projects - Operational Programs for Competitiveness and Internationalization, Portugal 2020;
    Management and planning of the supply of raw material and external services;
    Management of projects for the homologation of vehicles and equipment according to EN1789.
  • Principal Researcher University of Coimbra · Full-time Feb 2013 – Sep 2015 2 yrs 7 mos Coimbra, Coimbra District, Portugal PTDC/EMS-PRO/3148/2012
    Damage tolerance analysis in lightweight aeronautical alloys. DIC - Digital Image Correlation.


  • University of Coimbra Master's Degree, MSc., Mechanical Engineering, 17 2011 – 2013 The main aim of the cycle of studies leading to the master's degree in mechanical engineering is to train highly qualified technical and scientific professionals in the field of mechanical engineering, who are qualified to exercise a high level of competence in one of the following areas of expertise: "Construction and Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment" or "Design, Installation and Maintenance of Thermal Systems". In both specializations the training profile adopted has a well-defined professional nature, seeking to match the needs and requirements of the labor market in two areas of development that include a great diversity of companies, from multiple sectors of economic activity.
  • Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra Bachelor's Degree, BSc., Mechanical engeneering, 15 2008 – 2011 A Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Higher Institute of Engineering of Coimbra aims to train Mechanical Engineers capable of carrying out their professional activity with a high level of technical and scientific competence. It also aims to provide its graduates with adequate training so that they can continue their studies in masters and doctoral courses. The course has a wide application spectrum, leaving the graduates able to carry out their activity in the industrial area and the service area in general.