Mechanical Engineering and Management of prototype projects from conception, through design, build, and testing phases. Frequent communication and coordination with other design engineering disciplines and technicians to complete objectives.
Proficient utilization of Solidworks software to generate 3-D models of design concepts, and drafting engineering drawings for manufacturing and production.
Research and Analysis of design ideas, specifications and manuals to determine feasibility and safety of design or application.
Collaboration with Production personnel to ensure products and systems conform to engineering specifications.
Use of CAE software, conducting virtual structural design iterations for identifying and remediation of potential design issues.
Creation of drawings for communicating with production personnel, and generation of explanatory diagrams, technical files and bills of materials for production and reports.
Procurement of cost effective parts and materials for projects, often working directly with in house and outside manufacturers on fabricating and building components.
Conducting tests on prototype designs, operating all associated equipment and collecting relevant data for analysis.
Authoring training manuals and training professional and technical staff on design or system use. Compiling and presenting research data into formats for scientific analysis, or customer reports.

Professional Experience

Mechanical Engineer NTS/MSI/Sierra Peaks Inc.
Jan 2012 to Nov 2017 Hardware and Service Solutions
8436 Washington Place Albuquerque, NM 87113

Lead Engineer, responsible for Production Management, and Technical Documentation of Harvester airborne nuclear particulate sampling pods for Sandia Labs/ Airforce (AFTAC) customer. Implemented an MRP inventory system to re-organize shop activities from the development of prototypes into producing multiple large pod systems.
Functioned as primary focal point on engineering and technical issues. Supported and interpreted to Manufacturing, Investigated Engineering draw errors and corrected suitably. Wrote the ECOs and drafted the drawing changes for a complete deliverable design package to customer.
Design and structural analysis of composite pod heat sink/strong back structure and composite enclosure for airborne camera payload of customer design. Successfully tested to IP67 customer requirement and delivered prototypes.

Mechanical Engineer Adherent Technologies Inc
July 2001 to Jan 2012 Development Laboratories
11208 Cochiti SE,
Albuquerque NM

Modernized outdated mechanical test equipment, as well as trained new personnel to complete destructive testing for evaluating mechanical properties of advanced composite materials. Results showed improved composite material properties achieved by chemist's formulas.
Designed, manufactured and operated testing apparatus within ASTM specifications for collecting particulate emissions from catalytic wood stove designs. The results favorably compared new catalyst formulas to competing market products.
Organized and managed the facility installation of a pneumatically operated, industrial distillation unit for solvent recovery for composite recycling process plant. Unit was successful, and safely operated.
Designed and built structural support and developed operating procedures for a prototype 300 gallon acid digestion composite materials recycling reactor. The reactor is still operating and providing data for composite recycling research to this day.
Analyzed the feasibility and implemented the re-purposing a salvaged reactor into a medium sized vacuum testing chamber for experiments with inflatable, foam injected, rigidizable-on-command space structures.
Operated, collected data, and designed modifications to a large-scale gasification type tertiary recycling prototype plant. Improved critical heat exchanger designs.
Designed, built and operated an experimental drop through plasma treatment chamber for etching surfaces of graphite flakes and carbon nanotubes for use in advanced composite material research.
Created a synchronized jack screw system for rapidly opening heat treatment ovens to facilitate faster re-threading and increase production of line involved in composite fiber finish application and powdered tow pre-impregnation.
Developed servo controlled gate valves for a feedback control method utilizing laser interferometers for controlling powder flow deposition onto composite fibers.
Contributed to the scientific and technical innovation with mechanical test results and visual diagrams and pictures, approved for publication as a NASA Tech Brief, entitled Light Curing Structural Repair Tape for In-Space Repair.

Mechanical Engineer Civilian Service, C-5 Engineering
September 1999 to June 2001 Warner-Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
Q-Clearance obtained (expired)

Evaluated and solved engineering problems in a depot level aircraft repair facility, specifically working on maintaining and repairing the oldest prototypes of the heavy lifter fleet of C-5 military aircraft.
Designed and interpreted for mechanics any non-standard airframe structural repairs. Worked with fabricators in creating repair fittings and addressing manufacturing issues.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM
Graduated with Honors


Computer aided engineering with 3-dimensional modeling and documenting software
Solidworks, Solidworks Workgroup, Pro-E, Autodesk, Spaceclaim, Sketchup
Ansys Simulation Software, Workbench Platform, Structural Mechanics, Statics, Heat Transfer
Caedium Computational Fluid Dynamics Software
Microsoft Office Suite Products

I can play a guitar and harmonica, operate a slide rule and solve a rubics cube.

References Available upon Request


  • University of New Mexico Bachelor of Science , Mechanical Engineering 1999 graduation