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Ajay Sangwan

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Manufacturing Tool Design

If you are in the manufacturing business, you probably need the skills and knowledge of a manufacturing tool design freelancer. Regardless of the size and scope of a project, Cad Crowd can provide you the freelancers you need to achieve your project goals. We have a community of designers offering manufacturing tool design services, from initial sketch to prototyping.

To spare you from a lengthy recruitment process, we will match you directly with the manufacturing tool designer you need based on your project specifications. Cad Crowd has an in-house team of engineers that will analyze your project needs and choose the most suitable professional for the job.

Our manufacturing tool design freelancers are pre-qualified and guaranteed to deliver with accuracy and precision. Simply send your project brief to us and we will connect you directly with the right manufacturing tool design engineer.

Tool design is a specialized area of manufacturing engineering that involves the analysis, design, planning, construction, and application of the methods, tools, and procedures needed for manufacturing productivity. The manufacturing tool design service you hire will cover a wide range of tooling design, such as cutting tools, extrusion dies, forging dies, injection molds, sheet metal dies, welding and inspection fixtures, and working holding tools like fixtures and jigs.

Depending on the business and manufacturing needs, tool design and tool manufacturing are also used to create rubber vulcanization tools, measuring and monitoring instruments, and clamping equipment for assembling, machining, and welding.

Typically, each manufacturing tools use a wide range of processes to design and develop. In creating a die, for example, manufacturing tool designers or the design team will take into consideration manufacturing design principles to ensure die tooling contributes to production success. This is where they cut or shape the materials that will be used to become pre-determined shapes.

Manufacturing tool design services start with designing a tool using a CAD system. CAD is essential in designing a jig, a blanking die, a bending die, and a welding fixture. A manufacturing tool designer will then apply a set of design guidelines provided by the manufacturer or its design team that consists of manufacturing managers, production engineers, cost accountant, and marketing departments. Each representative must contribute to the design process to ensure that the whole product meets exact requirements.

For this reason, the manufacturing tool design freelancers you hire must have multidisciplinary skills and knowledge. He must be familiar with the principles of Design for Manufacturing (DFM), custom machine design, mechanism design, alignment tool design, inspection tool design, assembly tool design, vacuum tool design, prototype build and test, and other related disciplines.

In choosing manufacturing tool design engineers, be sure to check if they frequently consult and review designs with customers and clients to ensure that expectations are established and that any die tooling concerns are addressed.

Apart from an extensive knowledge in DFM, they must consistently apply the principles behind it. If their knowledge of die tooling processes and requirements are also extensive, you have found the best manufacturing tool design freelancers for the job.

Contact Cad Crowd today to hire pre-qualified and highly trained manufacturing tool design engineers.

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