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Eng. Hassan

Eng. Hassan

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Concept Design and Drafting

Concept Design and Drafting

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pepen ruspendi

pepen ruspendi

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Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication drawings are important in the manufacturing, construction, architecture, and engineering industries, but they do take a lot of time and effort. Because of these, a lot of entrepreneurs and professionals decide to outsource them to fabrication drawings freelancers. If you’re planning to do the same thing, don’t worry since Cad Crowd can help. We have a large network of freelancers who specialize in fabrication drawings services, and they’re more than willing to help you both in small and big projects. 

Fabrication drawings are a type of detail drawing, and they help you indicate how multiple parts should be assembled to create the product you have in mind. This, in turn, ensures that the manufacturer knows exactly how to put your product together and transform your ideas into reality. It also helps you avoid miscommunication, reduces the need for additional verbal instructions, and minimizes or even eliminates costly mistakes.

Unfortunately, creating high-quality fabrication drawings can be difficult and time-consuming since they usually require two categories. The first category is the parts drawing, which lists the materials that each part is made of as well as its weight, dimensions, and weld location. The second category is the assembly drawing, which details how each part is assembled using the right types of nuts, bolts, and washers. It also includes top, side, and isometric views of the product as well as the heat treatment and stress relieving processes it should go through before, after, and during assembly. The bigger and more complicated the product is, the more detailed its fabrication drawings would be.

You can create these on your own, of course, but why do so when you can get the help of freelance fabrication drawings experts from Cad Crowd? All of our designers are required to go through a pre-qualification process after signing up for our website, which helps us ensure that they have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to serve our clients. So, when you hire one of them, you know you’ll be working with someone whose expertise has already been carefully vetted.

Our freelancers know how immensely important details are when it comes to fabrication drawings, and you can be assured that they’ll pay utmost attention to every single detail when working on your project. This is essential since even just one piece of information can make or break your project, and an incomplete fabrication drawing can render your product useless. With our fabrication drawings freelancers working on your project, you know your drawings are 100 percent complete with all the required information before they reach your manufacturer.

To hire a Cad Crowd freelancer, simply explore our list of designers and get in touch with those who meet your criteria. If you find it hard to select, or if you don’t have the time to choose, we can pick a top-ranking designer to bring your project to completion. You can hire your designer on a per-project basis or, if you require ongoing help, you can opt for our hourly fabrication drawings services. 

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