Global rank:
2,190 / 53,772
Skill pts: 13
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Mechanical engineer with knowledge of Mechanical design, product manufacturing and casting technology.
Trained in principles of Mechanical engineering, design practices and modelling, simulation programs.
Highly organized. Analytical and detail- oriented


  • Mecchanical Design Engineer local factory · Full-time Jun 2022 – Present 5 mos undefined, Egypt design and manufacturing a mechanical metal foundry with fire power up to +1500 c
  • Mechanical Design Engineer local factory · Full-time Feb 2020 – Present 2 yrs 9 mos undefined, Egypt Designed several models of worm gearbox
    • Designed the casting models of the product
    • Enhanced the material properties of the gear
    • optimized the product design to achieve the
    minimum applicable weight and material cost
    • Enhanced the product design to match with the
    machining capabilities
  • Mechanical Design Engineer local factory · Full-time Jul 2021 – Aug 2022 1 yrs 1 mos undefined, Egypt Design and manufacturing of energy recovery device
    • Determined the problems of the received device
    • Offering solutions in several fields
    • Testing every solution and gathering data
    • Offering a new design based on the gathered data
    with the full kit of casting models, suitable
    materials, machining procedure, assembly
    procedure, disassembly procedure


  • Faculty for mechanical engineering Bacalor of mechanical engineering, Mechanical Design, very good 2018 – 2022 Activities and Societies: Technical teams Participation: o Technical team AUM (Engine sub team). ▪ Gained an experience & knowledge in the field of engines ▪ Learned how to design the exhaust & intake systems o Technical team N-mole (cooling tower project) ▪ Gained an experience & knowledge in the field of cooling towers ▪ Learned how to design the Induced, counter flow type

Other experience

  • casting • Casting models design
    • Sand casting techniques
    • Copper alloys
  • Manufacturing process • Machining on lathe
    • Machining on milling
    • Electrical welding (ground)
    • Power tools
    • Metal work

Licenses & Certifications

  • Marketing professional course AUC Nov 2020 – Present