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solidratt CSWP

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Manufacturing Drawings

Manufacturing drawings communicate engineers’ ideas in a clear way and inform machine operators and production workers how a certain product is manufactured and assembled. They’re greatly important in the production process, but, due to their highly detailed nature, they require a lot of time and attention. Because of this, many engineers and entrepreneurs take advantage of the manufacturing drawing services we offer here at Cad Crowd. Our freelancers are experts in this type of illustrative material and can assist you in creating informative manufacturing drawings that comply with international standards.

Manufacturing drawings usually come in three sets. The assembly drawing shows each and every part of the product in one sheet, while the bill of materials lists the materials that are used to make each component. If the product contains non-standard components, each of them is drawn in detail on a separate sheet to give manufacturers more information about how they’re produced.

Aside from the type and number of parts of the product, manufacturing drawings have to include a wide range of information. The size, shape, and dimensions of each component must be indicated, along with the production method to be used and the testing and inspection methods each component should go through. For instance, if a product requires a screw fastener, the manufacturing drawings should indicate how much torque is needed, which tool should be used to install it, and what the tool’s calibration should be.

Manufacturing drawings should also indicate how each part interacts with the others. In terms of mating parts, for example, the exact size of the hole and the shaft should be described to ensure that the two components fit perfectly. Tolerances should likewise be included in manufacturing drawings. Because of machine settings, human error, and other factors, it’s extremely difficult to achieve the dimensions that the engineer wants for the product. With this in mind, acceptable deviations from the dimensions, called tolerances, much be indicated. With these minimum and maximum values or measurements, manufacturers can still create workable parts despite the imperfections in the production process.

With the intricate details involved in making manufacturing drawings, they take a lot of time and effort to create. Instead of creating these drawings on their own, many engineers and designers opt to hire manufacturing drawing freelancers from Cad Crowd to put in the work for them. This way, they get to have their drawings done by experts while freeing up their schedule and having more time to focus on other projects.

Cad Crowd is the best place to find freelance manufacturing drawing experts simply because we have the best people. When you submit a project for a quote, we connect you with a top-ranking, pre-qualified freelancer selected for your specific project. By doing this, we can ensure that only skillful and knowledgeable designers are helping our clients.

All of our freelancers are familiar with many 2D and 3D CAD software suites, so you can choose the program that you want to be used for your project. Hire our manufacturing drawing freelancers for a one-off project or on an hourly basis — the choice is up to you.


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