You have a product idea. You're excited about it. You are ready to move forward. Awesome!... but now, you have to navigate the design gauntlet. Figuring out all the little details to take your design from paper into reality. It can be overwhelming. Thankfully, I thrive on this process, bringing together technical skills with good communication, and effective project management to provide exceptional designs.

My job is to take YOUR dream and make it a reality in a way that solves your problem and also is elegant and compelling.

I'm a mechanical engineer. Through my company, Tarhun 3D, I help clients with their engineering and product development problems. My design experience has ranged from small parts up to large, 60' tall, steel structures. Throughout I have applied my strong technical background with my passion for design to create excellent solutions.

My Specialties Are:
• Concept Generation -- From napkin sketch to prototype -- QUICKLY
• Design and Drafting -- Using SolidWorks design tools to create models and
drawings that flow through manufacturing
• 3D Printing Consultations -- Optimizing parts for the 3D printing process
• Design for Manufacturing -- Bringing manufacturing considerations into the design
process to optimize production costs and improve the bottom line.
• Project Planning -- Using my decade of project planning experience to ensure the project
moves forward


  • Kansas State University Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2014 graduation