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Piyush Savaliya

Piyush Savaliya

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Manufacturing Design

The manufacturing industry is unlikely to exist without design. After all, the engineering art of product design exists in almost all disciplines of engineering. The only difference is the implementation, where manufacturing technologies influence every aspect of the production process.

The biggest reason that design is vital to manufacturing is the fact that 70% of the cost of a product is determined through design decisions, where the processing assembly and the cost of materials are chosen. It is also through design for manufacturing or design for manufacturability (DFM) that potential problems are fixed before they become expensive mistakes. It is in the design phase where every aspect of a product, including its pitfalls, is identified and analyzed. 

Design principles or guidelines are the heart of a manufacturing system. These include reduction of the total number of parts, development of a modular design, use of standard concepts, designing parts to be multifunctional and multiuse, ease of fabrication, maximizing compliance, and minimizing handling and assembly direction.

Each of these guidelines requires a specific skill set and indepth knowledge of the manufacturing industry. Turning standard components into multifunctional parts, for example, requires a specific level of expertise. Not everyone has the talent to identify elements that will have other purposes in addition to their principal function. Not everyone can use an electric conductor and make it a structural member at the same time. Not everyone has the ability to see elements that have reflective surfaces for easy inspection, or choose self-fixturing features for quick and easy assembly.

This is what Cad Crowd can offer you.

We have a roster of top-tier manufacturing design freelancers with world-class talent. Some of our freelancers have combined skills in various manufacturing design services, while others specialize in a particular field. Our manufacturing services are 3D printing services, carbon fiber composite, computer numerical control, custom cast urethane molding, direct digital manufacturing, direct metal laser sintering, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, finishing, prototype tooling, injection molding and casting, and rapid prototyping. For each of these services, we have freelancers willing and able to cater to your needs. So whether you need freelance manufacturing design or other services, Cad Crowd has the expert professional that you're looking for.

We have a community of experienced design for manufacturing freelancers with a diverse combination of skills. There are mechanical engineers with a passion for design and experience in the industry. Others are experts in complex product design and mechanical system projects. This makes them experts in machined components, plastic mold, casting, machine inspection, fixtures, and tooling, among other fields. 

Suffice it to say that Cad Crowd is your source for world-class, pre-qualified manufacturing design freelancers. This means you don't need to spend money vetting freelance manufacturing design professionals. We'll take the guesswork and hassle out of the process.

Apart from freelance manufacturing design, Cad Crowd also offers CAD design services that will make your visions a reality. Our CAD designers can transform design concepts into workable designs. With 3D modelers as part of our team, ideas on paper can become prototypes and tangible creations, too. 

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