I ‘m Yaser Hosseinghlipour with 17 years of active experience as a CAD Designer. I believe I have the characteristics that your company needs and deserves. In particular my current job at Parand chocolate co. has given me the opportunity to develop mechanical designs for a new generation of the requirements on your job listing.
In addition I have considerable skills in the following areas:
Since I have a good work experience, complete mastery of blue print and dwg reading, drawing maps by hand and running with software, correct use of GD&T and I have a certificate, ability to solve problems individually and decide to make a part from the drawing, check Making a plan before and after construction, designing complex machines, complete familiarity with 3D printing and 3D scanners and correcting cloud points. I have a high level of reverse engineering ability

I believe that my engineering background and data science experience makes me a good fit for this position. I would like to mention that I am willing to relocate at my own expenses’ look forward to an opportunity to discuss how I can make a positive contribution to your company considering my educational and professional background.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to discussing things further. If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yaser Hosseingholipour


  • Senior CAD Designer Parand Chocolate co. · Full-time Oct 2016 – Present 7 yrs 6 mos Karaj, Alborz Province, Iran • Ideation and design of new injection nozzles
    • Performing design, layout and 3D modeling of new halls
    • Reverse engineering and manufacturing of equipment and parts
    • Assisting in maintenance and overhaul projects
    • Design and manufacturing new machines meeting needs of the organization
    • Performing conceptual design of boxes and packages
    • Supervising the process of manufacturing and 3D printing of parts
    o Design, manufacturing and supervising of a 3-color and 2-color chocolate injection mold project for the first time in Iran resulting in creating 4 new and key products.
    o Increase of production by 30% and decrease of 4 manpower by designing and constructing a new biscuit transfer machine.
    o Saving heavy costs of importing parts by reverse engineering and remanufacturing inside the company.
    o Meticulous design and modeling of 2 new halls (cake powder hall and jelly powder hall) according to the latest ISO and international hygiene standards.
    o Facilitating contracts and operations of the company by setting BOM for all sales projects and operation.
  • Cad designer Asphalt Machine co. · Full-time Jun 2015 – Mar 2016 9 mos Malard, Tehran Province, Iran • Designed heavy machines and related parts of asphalt production, crushing and sieving.
    • Detailed production line and put all machines into animation in order for a comprehensive line analysis.
    • Prepared separate 2D and 3D maps of parts and assemblies.
    • Detailed all the information of production line and designed the associated design catalogue.
    o Saved 15% on engineering arrangement of parts for cutting and sheet purchasing
    o Obtaining customer satisfaction following need recognition and applying it in designing the crusher production line.
  • Cad&Graphics deisgner Palayesh Niroo (PANIR) · Full-time May 2012 – Aug 2014 2 yrs 3 mos Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran • Designed capacitor power stations considering location and connection between elements and parts.
    • Designed an exhibition booth delivering in 2D executive forms and 3D drawings.
    • Designed catalogs, logos and business cards.
    • Designed the capacitors on the basis of order and performance for operation and technical purposes.
    • Completely designed high voltage parts such as capacitive cabinets of the Thyristor.
    • Conceptually designed capacitor boxes for sales purposes.
    o Rewarded letter of appreciation from the company for my dedicated efforts leading big time savings.
  • Cad & Special tool designer Iranian Helicopter Logistics and Renovation Company (IHSRC) · Full-time Oct 2002 – Nov 2012 10 yrs 1 mos Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran • Reverse engineered parts of Bell and Sikorskoy helicopters.
    • Designed specific tool for maintenance and installation of all kinds of panel sandwiches
    • Designed fixtures and JIK-fixtures for various projects.
    • Designed the composite body of a four-person piston helicopter.
    • Designed the tail of a 14-person national helicopter
    o Designer and supervisor of the construction project of a composite body of a 4-person piston helicopter.
    o Saved huge import costs by designing and manufacturing hydraulic valves for various helicopters.
    o Modification of sandwich panel drawing and autoclave process (wrote a reference document for producing sandwich panels from drawing to workshop delivery)


  • University of Applied Sciences Bachelore , Industrial Draftsmanship and Designing Technology Engineering (GPA 3.2), A 2011 – 2014

Other experience

  • Blueprint reading and analysis and identification Professional
  • GD&T Professional
  • MS Office Professional

Age: 39

Joined: September 4, 2017

Last seen: March 2, 2024


English Professional working proficiency

Persian (Farsi) Native or bilingual proficiency


Paris, New York, Iran