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Dara Azar

Dara Azar

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Welcome to Cad Crowd, the platform where you can find the finest experts in the field of computer-aided design. We have one goal – to connect you with freelance Geomagic designers known for their skills and talent. With their help, you will surely design what you need for the success of your brand new product. We have a high number of handpicked, pre-trained and pre-qualified experts that come with our guarantee that regardless of the size and complexity of your project, everything will go according to your plan. Don’t make the wrong choice and choose us as your best option to find top-ranked professional Geomagic freelancers.

Geomagic represents the most successful software suite created by 3D Systems. This professional engineering set of software tools is focused on CAD or computer-aided design. It is especially focused on 3D scanning and similar non-conventional design methods and techniques like modeling based on voxel for example. 

Geomagic is a well-known brand in the world of engineers and designers. Today, there are three different Geomagic products available in the market and each of these products comes with some incredible features. 

For starters, Geomagic Design represents computer CAD software whose primary objective is to help designers create a design for mechanical assemblies and systems. In addition, there are few other 3D design software solutions that belong to the Geomagic brand like the Geomagic Sculpt and Freeform software. They are modeling software solutions based on voxel and they come together with Touch haptic devices created by 3D Systems. Additionally, there are Geomagic Design Direct, Design X, Wrap and Studio products that provide a wide range of workflows for making 3D models prepared for manufacturing.

Furthermore, there are a few Geomagic products for 3D inspection and metrology. The most popular ones are Geomagic Verify and Geomagic Qualify used for providing comparison, assessment and reporting in the process of automated and first-article inspection. They can use data from 3D scanners, CMMs and point cloud scanners. Finally, you can use Geomagic products for 3D scanning systems. For instance, you can use Geomagic Capture as a scan-based design tool. All these products are useful and only an experienced and well-trained designer like the ones from Cad Crowd can help project managers achieve their goals with Geomagic. 

Cad Crowd is proud of the designers we have. They are willing to start working right away with any client. They are here to guide clients through the process and showcase their progress from the beginning to the end. What’s even better is that our designers have experience with all the Geomagic software products we’ve mentioned above.

The community at Cad Crowd is composed of exceptional experts from every part of our plant. We help clients find the best designers offering great Geomagic services at low price. We will be glad to learn more about your project so we can send you a free quote. We will check your requirements and offer the best experts for the job. Keep in mind that these suggestions are completely free.


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