Well, I am not really into (hard worker, stress handler …etc) kind of talk. I'd rather tell more about my actual experiences and leave the assessment stuff to you if I was of much luck!
I started working (in that career) when I was 16 at Kadyco. for int. trade, I first assembled a production line on my own when I was 18 years old, I worked later as a technical support engineer at Artronix and a maintenance engineer at MedTecShop.
For three years I had been working as technical support Engineer, Usually I was asked for tasks related to graduation projects of Engineering students, most of them were preferable to be sheet metal and every design should be studied to make sure it can handle the stresses applied.

I participated in many youth initiatives at three universities (Al Azhar, Cairo and Ain-shams) till I became the president of AZEX 2016.


  • Al Azhar University Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering 2017 graduation

Age: 31

Joined: August 4, 2017


Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt