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> I'm a student aerospace engineer with CAD experience. My main experience comes from Fusion 360 although I have used Inventor, ANSYS, Creo, Autocad, Blender, Meshmixer, and others.

> I also have experience with flow and stress simulation, primarily using Autodesk CFD and Fusion 360 to conduct simulations.

> My most impressive project yet has been a tri-tilt rotor VTOL aircraft which is capable of both horizontal and vertical flight. As such my strongest skills lie in product and mechanical design. I also have experience with creating designs from 2D images as I recreated a local lighthouse purely using plans from 1899.

> I am open to any form of commission as I am seeking to gain further experience. As such I can create, modify, repair, or simulate CAD models.

3D Models


  • Monash University Bachelor, Aerospace Engineering 2023 – 2027 (expected)

Other experience

  • High School Design and Technology Class Over the course of my time at highschool I created a number of complex CAD designs ranging from recreating a local lighthouse to a tri-tilt rotor aircraft.