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There is a wide range of ways to produce detailed, compelling, and engaging designs. Whether you’re creating a professional and minimalistic logo or enhancing a high-resolution photo, the image type you select will play a massive part in how your designs will come across to your audience. Two of the leading graphic types are raster and vector graphics, and both have their advantages when designing and creating exceptional designs.

Knowing when to use both is essential to developing designs that are relevant, well-designed, and satisfactory to your audience. Before understanding the function of raster to vector CAD conversion, it’s worth it to discuss the difference between the two concepts. 

Raster images are made up of individuals pixels. They can be thought of as a point-based painting (think Vincent van Gogh). These dots come together to create entire images. On the other hand, vector images are comprised of paths. Each path is a result of a mathematical equation that determines their color, location, and shape. The nuances of each of these image types make them suitable for certain types of graphics, while not being the best choice for others. Understanding when each is appropriate is a vital part of raster to vector CAD conversion. 

Vector images are excellent for various graphic types. So, it’s crucial to have a designer on your team who can identify these scenarios and can convert images that may have been initially created as raster images. This situation is where our team at Cad Crowd can help. A lot goes into the design process, and the hiring aspect can be a challenging one. Our team understands this, and as a result, we strive to help companies and firms find the best design talent. We have a global network of designers who are ready to offer their services. 

For your next raster to vector CAD conversion, hire a designer who can handle this task, so you and your team don’t have to. 

The limitations of raster images & when vector graphics are the best way to go 

Raster images do have their advantages. They are great for photo editing, more easily optimizing pictures for the web, and image storage. However, while raster images may be a lot easier to work with, they do come with drawbacks, especially for designers who create specific types of images. Their primary limitation is that raster images cannot be scaled-up a size without losing quality. 

The quality depends on the number of pixels used within the design. If there are not enough pixels to cover a specific surface area, then the photo will look blurry and unclear. This disadvantage is a considerable drawback for designers, especially those creating graphics that may need to be resized or manipulated quickly. 

The sizing and quality issue is a big reason for converting raster images to vector-based graphics. Because vector graphics are made of paths that result from mathematical equations, these images do not lose their quality when they are resized or edited. However, there are some other drawbacks to consider when using vector graphics. Vectors are made up of shapes, and each form has its own individual color. So, vectors are not the way to go if you want to create intricate designs that utilize a variety of color blends. 

For example, if you are creating a digital painting, or editing a photo, using raster is the best option. However, if you are working with a logo, business sign, or a graphic that is meant to be put onto clothing, then vector-based graphics are the best to work with. Knowing when to use each one depends on the type of design project you are working on. 

The process of converting raster images to vector graphics 

There are a few ways to convert raster images to vector graphics. Knowing about the nuances of the process can help you select a designer that works with what you need. First, there are a variety of software tools you or your designer can use to complete the conversion process. One of the most popular is AutoCAD, which provides vectorization tools to convert the geometry of a raster image into a vector graphic. 

This point leads to one of the processes. A tool like AutoCAD would allow designers to trace selected raster images, trace contours, verify dimensions, and then remove the raster attribute in favor of vector. There are also single-click conversion options, as well as the use of a selection method to pick out specific entities to convert. While it may seem like something a designer on your team can do, there may be nuances that can make this process complex. There may be graphics that require you to pick out certain parts of the image for conversion, instead of tracing the entire design. Also, you may want to add in new vector lines. 

Raster to vector CAD conversion is a necessary part of the design process in many cases. However, you and your team’s time and resources can be better spent elsewhere. This reason is why our company makes connecting businesses and entrepreneurs with pre-vetted and skilled designers a priority. The process itself can be complicated and nuanced. Therefore, it benefits you to maximize your time by hiring a freelance designer to handle your raster to vector CAD conversion needs. 

The benefits of outsourcing raster to vector CAD conversion 

You and your company stand to benefit from hiring someone else to handle this task for you. While it may be something you and your in-house designers may want to handle, it is helpful to take functions that are not a part of your core businesses processes and designate them to someone else. Here are a few advantages to outsourcing your raster to vector CAD conversions to a freelance designer. 

Save time – While it may seem like a simple task, complex design needs can turn this process into a much longer task. Handing this off to a freelance designer allows your team to save time, and only handle tasks that are necessary for them to address. 

Save money – Outsourcing a task like this allows you to optimize the time of your workers. For example, if you are paying an in-house designer a yearly salary, if you drill down to the amount of money this would be hourly, it is likely much more than hiring an hourly freelancer. This situation means that you could have an in-house designer working on a project that can be quickly done by someone else at a much lower rate. Also, when you outsource tasks to a freelance designer, you only have to pay for the work that you need. So, if you only need someone for ten hours of work, you only pay for that block of work without needing to pay an annual salary or benefits. 

Faster task completion – A task such as this can be done a lot more quickly and efficiently by someone who is not on your team. Hiring someone who is specifically meant to handle this duty means that they can accomplish this more quickly than someone who works internally. Your employees and team members likely have a lot of other projects on their plate. Raster to vector CAD conversions will probably take them away from other projects. As a result, juggling this with more time-consuming tasks could be a struggle and hinder the progress of other projects. 

Find an expert – There may be times when your team are not skilled in what you need. Fortunately, outsourcing allows you to find someone who is an expert in your needs. Also, because of the pricing structure associated with outsourced work, you can work with someone proficient in CAD conversions without having to break the bank. We invite you to see how you can utilize our services to find a capable designer. 

Replace needed staff – If you have been running a business for any length of time, you understand that anything can happen at any time. You may have a designer on your team that typically handles this duty but then has to take time off for personal reasons. Outsourcing allows you to still ensure that your crucial tasks are done. You can have an expert freelancer step in to ensure your operations do not fall by the wayside. 

Better service your customers – You can continue to service your customers If you have a freelancer who can step in to help with duties that other team members may not be able to take on. Working with your clients doesn’t have to stop if one person is out, or if there is a massive learning curve for your team. Freelancers can step in and fill in the gap, and allow you to provide more comprehensive and attentive service. 

Compete with corporations – Maybe you are a small business or a one-person team. Giant corporations have access to a substantial number of staff members. As a result, it is much easier for them to win market share and reach customers because of the size of their teams. Outsourcing allows smaller companies and entrepreneurs to compete adequately. Even if you do not have a large group, the affordability of outsourcing enables you to take advantage of this and compete on a much higher level. 

Outsourcing brings many advantages to your business. Not only does it save you time and money, but it also allows you to use your in-house team much more effectively. 

Our additional raster and vector CAD conversion services 

In addition to raster and vector CAD conversion services, we offer a lot of other services that complement this process and can even enhance your business model. Here are a few raster and vector CAD conversion-related services that would be beneficial for you and your company. 

2D to 3D Conversion Services – In addition to raster images, you may have drawings that you may want to convert to 3D models in a CAD-based program. From products to architecture, our designers can handle this process in addition to raster and vector CAD conversions. 

AutoCAD Conversion – Since the early 1980s, AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk, has been a leading CAD software program. This tool is pivotal for designers who want to convert drawings to 3D models or digital scans that can be manipulated on AutoCAD. This program allows designers to more easily scan designs and then turn these 2D ideas into photorealistic 3D designs. 

AutoCAD Drafting and Design – Along with raster and vector CAD conversions, our designers can also handle the entire drafting and design process for you. Our designers and drafters are pre-vetted, qualified, and experienced with the latest design tools. They can remotely bring your next project to life while staying within your parameters and budget limitations. Whether you are in manufacturing, engineering, architecture, or industrial design, our global network of designers can use AutoCAD to create your next project successfully. 

Paper to CAD Conversion – There are times when drawing out a design, blueprint, or layout is the most appropriate first step in the design process. However, there will likely be a time when you need to move paper drawings or designs to a CAD program. Cad Crowd can connect you with designers who are adept at converting your paper-based drawings to digital forms. 

We offer a variety of related CAD and conversion-related services to large companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out our service page for more insight into what we can offer to you and your team. 

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