How Real Estate Companies use CGI Advertising to Grow Revenue at Firms

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This post covers how real estate companies utilize CGI advertising for growing revenue. In the past, purchasing a new home or office building meant stopping by a real estate office to look at pictures or go on a home tour. Sometimes, new housing developments would have a home built and staged just for people to tour it. These are standard practices, but now more than ever, customers shop online before making a final decision.

In the comfort of their own homes, clients can rapidly click through hundreds of different buildings in their area. What causes them to choose your real estate company? What makes one building more appealing than another very similar one? In many cases, stunning images are what clients look for online, and a 3D architectural rendering company can help you with that. It’s no secret that clients find a polished appearance more appealing. This is why houses are staged to look as good as possible—right down to carefully folded towels—when customers view a home in person.

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Even though these things aren’t included in the sale, how it looks makes a big difference. CGI is becoming one of the most critical aspects of advertising for real estate companies. CGI can help advertise buildings and get them into the hands of clients who want them. Here are a few ways real estate companies use CGI advertising to grow their revenue.

11 Ways how real estate companies use CGI advertising for growth revenue

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Help showcase buildings under construction

Clients want to see what they are buying. It costs hundreds of thousands to construct a home and millions for a larger building. With so much money invested into purchasing real estate, it’s logical for clients to want to know what it will look like. This is a problem if the building is still under construction or perhaps only in the planning stages. A sketch may give someone a rough idea of what a building might look like, but it takes a lot of faith to invest in the potential of a drawing.

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CGI excels in this sort of situation. A CGI design artist can transform those sketches into photorealistic images. These photorealistic images can be used with backdrops, furniture, and even people to bring that building to life. You can take this a step further with animations that let you see the potential building from all angles or even take a tour of it right from the comfort of your home.

CGI can be a tremendous asset in an advertising campaign. Before construction is completed, you can begin showcasing your impressive new building to potential clients. Since CGI can control lighting, angles, and much more, you can often get better results than if you wait for a photographer and send them to take photos. Clients will instantly be able to see whether the new building will fit their lifestyle with the help of backdrops, captured mood, and the fine details of the building itself, and you’ll be able to start advertising early. It’s a match made in heaven.

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Stage a building without the furniture

Not every building is available for a walkthrough. It may be that the building isn’t constructed yet, or that people live there and don’t want to be disturbed. With so many people viewing homes and other buildings online, it may not be practical to stage the building. For situations like this, a virtual staging for real estate service is a great option.

CGI artists can take photos of empty rooms and fill them with CGI furniture to look staged. Staging can help show the character of a building, give clients ideas of what their life might be like if they purchase it, and help guide viewers’ minds about the building. It’s also possible to do a virtual remodel, covering imperfections or showing what the building will look like after the current renovations are completed.

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Add more options to your advertising

People who visit places like Zillow to shop for real estate can better filter their choices to match their preferences. After making primary selections like location and size, they can narrow listings further by only selecting listings with pictures, video, etc. In such a hyper-competitive market, offering more than your competition is a huge advantage. Videos and virtual walkthroughs designed by a skilled architectural AR/VR design company are important ways to stand out from the competition.

Videos are eye-catching and tend to get more attention on social media than pictures alone. If a potential client narrows their search to include only those properties that offer digital walkthroughs or videos, you’ll be one of those choices. If you can’t go to the property to take photographs, you can use renders to create animations, videos, and walkthroughs. Renders can often perform better than anything you can shoot on-site because they offer control of lighting and angles. It is easy to make alterations if you don’t like how a piece of furniture looks or want an aerial view. 

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A 3D Home rendering professional can help you plan and design your advertising campaign, regardless of the state of the building. You can create and launch a whole campaign before the foundation is poured or the property has been remodeled.

Freshen up your website with a portfolio

A big part of getting people to use your website to look for properties instead of using more prominent sources like Zillow is making a local website that appeals to your potential clients. To get people to value your website, you’ll need something there that will make an impact. Stunning renders that catch the true beauty of the properties you are trying to show can help capture this. If a client stops by your website and sees portfolios with beautiful properties you have sold in the past, they may be more likely to look at the ones you currently have.

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Showcase the entire property

Compared to 3D architectural visualization services, even the best photography can lack critical information that helps people understand why a property is worth purchasing. You’ll have to choose between showcasing the house’s features or the incredible view. Virtual walkthroughs, 360 views, and animations can all be created from renders, highlighting the whole property and helping people understand why a property is worth buying. A virtual tour lets prospective buyers see the pool, house, and glorious view of the mountains.

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Reduce your bounce rate

Your website’s bounce rate can tell you a lot about its effectiveness. The bounce rate is determined by how long your visitor stays on the site after looking at just one of the pages. If the bounce rate is high, your website is not engaging enough to keep visitors interested, and you need to find out why. Typically, a higher bounce rate is because the website isn’t unique and attention-grabbing. Spectacular visuals like the kind you can get from renders are a great example of how you can engage viewers and help persuade them to look at your website more.

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If all they see is a generic website with a few photos, there’s no reason to look at your website in particular. Animations, virtual tours, videos, and more are the key to helping boost engagement. Statistically, offering virtual tours can reduce website bounce rates. In one example, Crackitt found that adding videos to websites could reduce bounce rate by 34 percent, a significant reduction for something so simple.

Improve engagement in other ways

It’s not just improving engagement on the website itself that can make a difference. Spectacular videos can also enhance engagement across a variety of different platforms. It can help catch the eye on social media and help more people like, comment, and share your advertisement. In today’s world, getting people to engage with advertising can be difficult. Social media feeds are glutted with pictures, articles, and other pieces of information, and readers sort through a vast amount of content to find what interests them.

In the same way that videos can help improve engagement on your website, they can also help improve engagement with your advertising, especially in social media settings. A top video designer can help you with this. They give people a reason to want to share your marketing with others, which provides more opportunities for organic growth. Every share you get after boosting a post is free advertising, and videos are one of the best ways to get that growth. People love sharing stunning graphics, animations, and videos. You might get better results if you make a video or enlist the help of a 3D architectural animation expert to boost your advertising campaign on social media.

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Make showing off floor plans more self-explanatory

Facing complex plans can lead to confusion, even if you’re familiar with floor plans. If floor plans aren’t something you regularly encounter, trying to figure them out is like being asked to translate a foreign language. Yet when houses are built on demand, floor plans are sometimes the only thing clients can see. They are left puzzling over these layouts, trying to imagine how they would look or figure out which way the door swings.

If reviewing a floor plan is the only option available, it can deter clients from buying a property, preferring to get already built houses or real estate companies that offer more than just floor plans. With some help, you can provide clients with additional data to help them understand what they’re looking at. 3D Visualizer services or CGI can help take much of the confusion out of these floor plans by offering rollovers that show what the final construction would look like.

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Passing the cursor over the floor plan reveals what it would look like when built. This lets the client see how the prints translate to the final construction. Features like this are what sets one website apart from another. A client will review numerous real estate companies but choose the one that offers something other companies unique: in this case, clarity. 

Since it’s also possible to do full renders based on floor plans, you can even take this a step further and offer stills, videos, tours, and more to go with these floor plans. Even if you only offer a sneak peek of your floor plan, you’ll provide potential clients with excellent service and add significant value to your website.

Improve print advertising

A significant proportion of real estate advertising is online, as many clients prefer to browse in the comfort of their homes. However, there’s still a large market for print marketing, and CGI can again help with this. Taking appealing photos is time-consuming and challenging when you want to showcase a property. The lawn needs to be manicured, the house cleaned immaculately, and the weather has to be perfect. Many external factors need to be considered. A good shot may require many tools, including a drone for aerial photos, which is not an issue with the help of a 3D aerial rendering company.

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Renders can give you complete control over external factors, i.e., the weather, the property’s appearance, and the exact angle from which the property is shown. You can control the mood through lighting and get any angle you like; no drone is required. High-quality renders are perfect for brochures.

Make email advertising more exciting.

Email marketing is essential to an advertising campaign, but clients often dread it. Most email advertising is deleted or unread. Yet there are emails from our favorite lists that are opened regularly. What sets those apart? If you know the content contains something fresh and exciting, it will boost engagement. If you offer digital walkthroughs instead of photographs, it may generate renewed excitement.

Virtual walkthroughs are more exciting than a series of photos and can help showcase a great home in more detail. If you have an extensive email distribution list of people ready and waiting to buy a new property, offering them something unique could be a great way to reduce bounce rates and improve engagement.

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Help sell luxury homes

Sometimes, exclusive properties may warrant having their website. A quick snap with your cellphone camera will not sell a mansion, and it’s worth investing in 3D residential rendering services. Even a photography crew will have to work hard to get enough great shots to fill a website, create a feature for a brochure, or a video for advertising.

Taking the time to get CGI done for the house can help show off every detail of a luxury home. A client looking at a stunning home may be more inclined to give it a second look if you have a variety of videos, walkthroughs, animations, and more featured on your website. You can also be sure of getting precisely the right angle—and if you don’t like how it looks, changing that angle is an easy fix.


Real estate is a competitive market that demands companies in the field bring their best in advertising. CGI can significantly benefit real estate companies’ advertising campaigns, from pamphlets and photos to commercials and online advertising.

No matter what your challenge is, using renders can help make your advertising better. Many other real estate companies are advertising their properties in every way possible. With so much competition, it’s critical to stay a step ahead. CGI can help present your properties in the best possible light and reduce the bounce rate from your website or emails.

Providing a virtual walkthrough of a building before construction or seeing a beautifully staged building is exciting for prospective customers. CGI can save money, improve advertising, and benefit your campaign in many ways.

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