How a 3D Architectural Design Service Can Make Your Real Estate Marketing a Breeze

How a 3D Architectural Design Service Can Make Your Real Estate Marketing a Breeze

Savvy real estate companies are turning to CG to help them with their marketing, and for good reason. CG can offer a lot of benefits to marketing. If you’re hoping to impress future guests, homeowners, or other clients with a building, architectural design services can help you get there.

Architectural design services can help a company grow in many ways, and some of those services may surprise you. To make the most out of your business, you need to be aware of these trends and all the new technology at your fingertips.

Here are a few of the services available and how they can help improve your marketing.


A still render of your building is probably the most common type of CG, and you may already be familiar with them. CG artists can take the details of a building and create a photorealistic render that can be used to get a jump on advertising.

Long before the foundation is even laid for a building, a CAD designer can take a render and create sparkling images with perfect lighting that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. These pictures can be used to prepare a marketing plan, sell rental space, and much more.

Virtual Tours

The wonderful thing about renders is that they do not have to be simple still shots of the building. Other products can be made to show the building off in different ways. Your client might enjoy seeing a picture of the building and its interior, but what if they could have a walk inside and look around as if they were there?


Advances in VR technology have made creating a walkable tour of the building possible. Imagine how impressed potential clients will be if they can quickly look around the building without ever having to see it in person.

Attitudes toward in-person tours are also shifting. The COVID-19 pandemic initially forced most real estate managers to go online with virtual tours, but now many people prefer them. Traveling to a tour can be exhausting, and visitors often quickly notice something that will make the apartment or office building either right for them or wrong. This has meant big business for 3D AR/VR architectural services.

Busy clients also often struggle to book an appointment during appropriate hours, which means some people will not visit simply because the timing does not work. By always having a virtual tour potentially open, or with flexible hours at least, more clients can see the property.

It is much easier to tour the property from the comfort of their own home, and virtual tours allow that. Simply by having this option available, the number of people interested in the property can potentially expand.


Moving tours of the building are possible even without VR equipment, including animations that let people see the building beautifully presented to them. 3D architectural animation services can show off the building from every angle and help sell its good points in an exciting way.

Video marketing has become a massive deal for the real estate industry, and animation clips can help create new videos to excite clients. These clips can give clients a sneak preview of exciting new places and show off the building from a variety of different angles.

Keep Instagram and Vlogs Fresh

As most people know, marketing begins long before the product is finished. That is why the animations we talked about earlier are so useful. It is not just showing off the finished product that can help gather interest for a new project. Animations can be used in a variety of different ways throughout the building process.

Many real estate agents now show the building’s process, with updates on how the design and build are going. This can help generate excitement and interest in the building long before it’s up. Animations can add an exciting element to these videos.

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It is also essential for Instagram to keep videos short and to the point. People scrolling through Instagram typically have noticeably short attention spans due to the nature of the platform. A long, underwhelming video is likely to be scrolled past.

A short, snappy video showcasing the building’s incredible animations is more likely to be well received by viewers over a longer video.

Great for Other Social Media Too

Facebook and Twitter are also essential staples to online advertising, and architectural 3D modeling services can come in handy here. Here, still renders of the building or interior design can draw the eye from a long string of other photos and cause viewers to stop and take interest.

Posts without any pictures can quickly get lost or scrolled right past, so a great render attached to your post may be essential to anchoring it.

Social media has become an essential part of the business. Friends’ recommendations are now a valuable tool, and clients are less inclined to view traditional advertising as trustworthy. By building up followers on social media, you can gain more clients through these valuable recommendations.

Dress Up Newsletters

Another common form of advertising is through a mailing list. When people sign up for your newsletter, they are already showing interest in your work and what you do. Keep their interest by showing off a beautiful render of the projects you are currently working on with the newsletter.

Your clients will love to see detailed work images that are ongoing or even future projects still in the design process.

You can easily boost your click-through rate with mesmerizing 3D floor plan renders that beg to be looked at by your readers. When your fans know that eye candy in the form of sparkling renders will be at their fingertips, they’ll be eager to get your next newsletter in their inbox.

Grow Interest at Trade Shows

Another big place for advertising is real estate trade shows and expos. These fantastic opportunities are a great way to connect with potential buyers and network with other important people. Large prints of your renders can set you apart from other vendors by giving a stunning display of what you have to offer.

You never know who might be looking for properties at a trade show or expo, so making a good impression can go a long way in advertising your company. Expos are a great way to show off your business and all the beautiful properties you have. A few beautiful renders can make a big difference in whether your booth stands out or disappears into the crowd.

Showcase the Quality of Your Real Estate

Many people judge the quality of a website based on the graphics. High-quality graphics make people think that the website is professionally operated, while poor quality ones make people think the company is amateur.


Renders can make a sparkling impression in these cases. A web page full of amazing angles of the buildings you have finished or in development can help present yourself as an expert in the field.

It is critical to make a great first impression when introducing your business to clients, and a fabulous website full of beautiful renders made by a 3D house rendering service can help. When the average person is looking for a new place to rent, an office building for their company, or a new property, they typically search online.

A great website is therefore a must for any real estate business. That way when a client is conducting their search, they will be more likely to choose you over the other agents crowding the front page of their search.

Eye-Catching Displays for Print and Online Magazines

Magazines are another important place to advertise your real estate. These include magazines specifically designed to advertise homes and buildings for sale to clients, as well as more general magazines that have related content.

Renders make standing out from competitors easy. A still from your render can be taken from any angle, with perfect attention to lighting, weather, and other details. This makes it much easier to get a flattering image than normal photography, where angles and weather are sometimes out of the photographer’s control.

Simply by using a beautiful residential architectural design service instead of a photo, you often have the edge over competitors and an easier time attracting the eye of potential clients.

Real estate marketing is an important part of your business. To find new clients interested in purchasing or renting properties, you need to get their attention in a positive way. There are many ways you can advertise, and almost all of them require high-quality stills or animations to make the most out of.

Armed with great photos and videos, as well as tools some other real estate companies don’t have—such as virtual reality tours and augmented reality, you can make your advertising a breeze to get through.

Owning a real estate does not have to mean advertising it is difficult. It just means you need the right tools.

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