Global rank:
4,377 / 74,974
Skill pts: 6


I am providing different services to different companies. I have successfully served my clients many times and I am constantly working with them. I have decided to share my services with you considering the market trend. Which are monthly and project-based services.

CAD/CAM and Reverse Engineer
I am providing remotely CAD / CAM molding services in USA California that converts AGP data into virtual models and then develops a physical model using state-of-the-art molding software and computer controlled precision lathe.
I have experience in CAD / CAM reverse engineering and programming technology. I specialize in manufacturing methods including
• High-Speed Surface Machining,
• 2.5D, HSM –
• 3D High-Speed Machining,
• 4axis,
and I specialize in Autodesk PowerShape PowerMill, SolidWorks and CATIA. I also work on complex parts models and CAM fixing with an in-depth understanding of Post Processing, Post Builder and Post Configurator.

3D Models


  • Software Engineer · Full-time May 2016 – Present 7 yrs 9 mos undefined, Pakistan An Energetic And Result-Oriented Professional Software Engineer and SEO expert. I Have Expertise In Web
    Development, Rich Exposure To (SDLC And DSDM), and Strong Concepts Of TDD, CI, CD, and Methods To
    Speed Up The Delivery Of Reliable And Functional Software Implementation. Includes Analyzing Requirements
    Defining Business Processes Integration Solution Architecture And Agile Modeling. Strong Knowledge Of Web
    Development With The Proven Expertise in Laravel, Livewire, Vue.Js, Nuxt.Js, and WordPress with SEO
    concepts, Have Excellent Organizational Skills With A Particulars Aptitude In Time And Multiple Task
    Management, Passionate About Development Of Robust System Infrastructure, With Consideration Of Customer
    Needs, Functionality, Latest Technology And Programming Standards. Now I Am Trying To Look Forward To
    A Bright Future Through My Developing Skills.


  • LUMZ BSCS, Software engineering, 3.9 2012 – 2016 Activities and Societies: Keen approach to learning, working to short lead times, handling criticisms and well learning from it, adaptable and able to pick up new techniques, having creativity and imagination  I have also 7 years plus experience in 3D CAD/CAM industries and automation industries, I
    started my career in 2010 when I was in high school so I have it.
     I also study and working NLP and supervised machine learning. Study and Research Tensorflow,
    Keras, PyTorch, and DL4J use hardware acceleration.