Global rank:
1,934 / 79,985
Skill pts: 12
2D & 3D Design Assembly Instructions & Drawings CAD Design CAD Modeling Gaging & Inspection Tool Design High-Speed Machining Industrial Design Material Selection Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Mold Design Multiaxis Horizontal Mill Programming Multiaxis Swiss Lathe Programming Product Design Programming Prototype Design Prototype Engineering SolidWorks SolidWorks Simulation Supply Chain Management


Growing up in an advanced mult-axis CNC machine shop and furthering my experience with studies in International Industrial Product Design Marketing and Mechanical Engineering I bring 25 years of theory and deep experience in the hands on / real world aspects of how precision industrial, medical, food processing, commercial, aerospace and consumer product products are conceptualized, prototyped and later produced and sourced.

I have substantial experience in multi-axis CNC programming for high-speed, horizontal and vertical milling centers as well as multi-axis Swiss lathes (Citizen) via Mastercam. I am very well versed in a variety of materials and have years experience programming complex, multi-surfaced components to simple components, for short run prototypes, high speed, long run production and high-confidence lights out operations.

In addition I have many years experience in CAD modeling and design via Solidworks 2018 including part, assembly and prints of which I also own one seat of latest 2018 version including Solid Works Simulation and the new, very impressive Solid Works Visualize. With Visualize I have the ability to not only design full solid models and assemblies but also create incredible, rendered real world pictures and images. I have designed, prototyped, sourced and brought to market several products from the ground up in various market segments including industrial, medical, food processing and aerospace. (including sheet metal, injection molded parts and of course precision machined parts with very tight tolerances). I currently own a Okuma MB-4000H Multi-Axis Horizontal Milling Center in which I can complete advanced protoypes to high speed, long run production runs.

I am very confident that my education, real world experience and upbringing in a CNC environment has given me the ability to not only boldly design and or program components and products with disruptive, world class mechanical characteristics, it has given me the hands on experience to also design within the mindset of key variables like machine-ability and optimal material selection as this directly relates to final product cost. I have deep experience in optimization of solid model product design for machining and injection molding as well. I also hold several patents within the industrial and packaging spaces.

I welcome any inquiry, as someone that truly enjoys this innovative space, I take projects with the assumption as if they were my own products. I embrace deep communication and work with the latest versions of all software I am versed in, with a deep emphasis on leveraging the amazing digital world we live in.

I am willing to negotiate hourly rate based on the project.


  • University of Ottowa, Canada Bachelors of Science in Business and Mechanical Engineering, International Marketing / Manufacturing Engineering 2002 graduation
  • Northeastern Unversity Bachelors of Science in Business and Mechanical Engineering 2002 graduation