Global rank:
414 / 80,845
Skill pts: 85
1st 1st Place
3D Product Modeling Aesthetic Product Design CAD Design Industrial Design Industrial Product Design


I'm an industrial designer passionate about creating products that not only solve problems but also resonate with human values. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to innovation, I specialize in bringing concepts to life through thoughtful design solutions.

In today's fast-paced world, I understand the importance of products that not only function seamlessly but also evoke emotions and connect with users on a deeper level. My approach to industrial design goes beyond mere functionality; it's about creating experiences that enrich people's lives.

Whether it's designing ergonomic tools to enhance efficiency in the workplace or crafting consumer goods that inspire joy and satisfaction, I strive to integrate human-centric elements into every project. By prioritizing user experience and empathy in my designs, I aim to create meaningful connections between people and the products they use.

With a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a dedication to sustainability, I am committed to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Let's collaborate to bring your ideas to fruition and make a positive impact on the world through thoughtful design.


  • Industrial designer Silver rock design studio · Freelance Aug 2014 – Present 9 yrs 10 mos undefined, India Design and developing tangible products and experiences along side creators and innovators

Licenses & Certifications

  • Industrial design Domus Institute Milano May 2021 – Present