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Altium CircuitStudio Altium Designer Android Studio (Android OS) Autodesk Eagle (EagleCAD) C++ Programming CAD Design Eclipse Embedded Control Systems Embedded Linux Embedded Software Engineering Embedded Systems Engineering Firmware Engineering GIS Industrial Automation PCB Design PCB Engineering PCB Layout Design Prototyping Robotics Visual Studio


Founded in 2013 Integra Sources has already completed more than 100 projects making happy more than 40 clients. Our customers have raised more than $▒▒▒▒▒,▒▒▒ on Kickstarter in total.

We offer full-cycle hardware and software development services delivering the best engineering solutions for you.

⭐Our core services

✔ Embedded Hardware Development (PCB design * FPGA design * Preparing for manufacturing * Certification * Prototyping)

✔ Embedded Software Development (Firmware development * Board support package development * Prototyping with SBC * RTOS)

✔ IoT Solutions (AWS IoT * Azure IoT * Industrial IoT * Industry 4.0 * M2M * Predictive maintenance * Digital transformation)

✔ Kernel and Driver Development (Windows * Linux * macOS * Android)

✔ Custom Software Development (Cross-platform software development * Native desktop software * System software)

What else we can do

✔ Computer Vision Development (Image and video processing * Face recognition * Edge computing * Object tracking)

✔ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Recommender systems * AI-based applications *
Neural networks * Data analytics * OCR)

✔ Robotics (Flying drones * Robots on wheels * Autonomous movement * Applications for Robot Operating Systems (ROS)

✔ Mobile Application Development (iOS application development * Android application development * Mobile apps for IoT * Cross-platform app development * Testing * App store submission)

We create products for a number of industries including healthcare, logistics, asset tracking, education, industrial automation, consumer electronics, entertainment, and other fields.

Innovative problem-solving skills, in-depth expertise and enthusiasm toward work make us a strong partner in the development services we provide.

We are happy to work on your projects solving challenging tasks and getting excellent results📈


  • Integra Sources Ltd. Integra Sources Ltd. · Full-time May 2013 – Present 11 yrs undefined, Altai Krai, Russia Integra Sources has been providing robust custom software and hardware solutions in various industries for over 5 years. We contribute to your business by making reliable smart products and becoming your credible long-term partner as a hardware development company and supplier of software solutions.

    Specializing in embedded systems, we seamlessly provide both embedded hardware design and embedded software development. Our software and hardware engineering teams often work in tandem delivering parts of one and the same project. As a result, our customers get their ideas implemented in one place and by one company which saves them a fair amount of time and effort.
    Our electronic design services include PCB design and layout, FPGA design, prototyping, and assembly. As a professional hardware design firm, we carry out all the required testing and validation procedures and make sure your product is ready to successfully complete the necessary certification and go to mass production.

    The services we provide as a software development company include embedded software design, custom software development, kernel and driver development, computer vision development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions.

    What we do is more than just development. The team of our engineers, project managers, business development managers, and aсcount managers go all the way together with you from an idea to the end product. We will help you find the most suitable solution to cut down expenses making your product more competitive on the market.

    As a product development company that combines services of an electronics design house and a software solutions provider, we can employ a complex approach to your project and complete a wide range of tasks for your embedded system or an IoT solution.

    We nurture your ideas and make sure that the final result meets all your expectations.

Other experience

  • IoT Solution Development Services Integra Sources is a custom IoT solution provider. We work with IT and business leaders on implementing internet-connected devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – that collect and share data through wireless networks in real time. From hardware to software to analytics and IoT applications, we take care of all the layers to create the end-to-end Internet of Things solutions.
  • Robotic Development Services Robotics is an advanced engineering field that is backed by business and government investments and it is definitely considered a forward-looking solution for the future. We build autonomous robotic systems for various applications. Examples of robots we've developed include an autonomous robotic lawn mower, educational robots, drones, and quadcopters. As a professional robotics development company, we employ our best minds and the most sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision to build autonomous systems with haptics, pattern recognition, facial recognition, situational awareness, and navigation. To provide high performance of your robotized machine, we use the best hardware platforms for robotics development depending on your technical requirements. We employ the most powerful frameworks and cloud solutions for robotics software development.
  • AI & Machine Learning Development Services Integra Sources provides AI and machine learning software development services for companies and individuals looking to leverage machine learning techniques and algorithms for predictions, anomaly detections, automation, and other applications. Our team specializes in AI technologies and computer vision systems for IoT projects and embedded systems. We provide custom machine learning development and tailor ML-based apps for your particular business needs.
  • Computer Vision Software Development Services Backed by many years of experience building hardware and software for embedded systems, our team at Integra Sources helps businesses in the manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer electronics industries develop custom video and image analysis software for computer vision and machine vision systems. Our recent projects in this artificial intelligence field include a fall detection system for elderly care, a mobile app for detecting melanoma skin cancer, and an autonomous robotic lawnmower.

  • Custom software development services Integra Sources provides custom software development services in accordance with your requirements. As full stack developers, we can be engaged on every level of a system, because we understand the bigger picture, no matter how well-separated the subsystems are. Our team is experienced in developing high-performance systems in C/C++, and we also use C#, Java, Python, and other programming languages for building software for web and mobile platforms and embedded systems.
  • Kernel and Driver Development Services Development for embedded systems is our major focus. We do kernel-level programming for embedded solutions and provide driver development services. Drivers we develop interface with printers, digital cameras, keyboards, computer storage devices, network cards, and other devices and equipment. Our engineers will also help you modify or port your existing device drivers to another operating system or hardware platform.
  • Embedded Software Design & Development Services We build high-end software for microcontrollers and microprocessors using our extensive experience in embedded hardware design and development, and our skills in RTOS, Linux, Internet protocols, networking, security, and C/C++ programming languages. Our target markets include telecommunication, consumer electronics, healthcare, education, and industrial automation. Our software satisfies the requirements for reliability and performance and adheres to strict certification and qualification standards.
  • Embedded Hardware Development As part of our hardware design services we provide embedded product design and development for a wide range of embedded systems, from small-scale embedded components based on a single 8- or 16-bit microcontroller to sophisticated embedded systems with increased security requirements, 64-bit processors, and a rich collection of peripherals and I/O capabilities. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who keep up to speed with the latest advances in the field of electronic design services.