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Jacob R

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Autodesk Eagle (EagleCAD)

Starting out as a 16-bit application for Microsoft DOS in 1988, EAGLE is now one of the most popular applications for electronic design automation. Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor or EAGLE was developed by CadSoft Computer GmbH and now runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The program features a schematic editor for creating electronic design representations that are easy to read; a layout editor for PCB design; and an autorouter to automatically connect traces. As one of the most widely known CAD programs, EAGLE is used by many major companies including SparkFun, a popular DIY electronics site. 

At Cad Crowd, we are proud to host the best EAGLE CAD freelancers from all over the world. Our members have varied experiences working in different industries enabling them to provide solutions for varying levels of CAD design challenges. Cad Crowd is a space where only the best engineers, drafters and designers gather to render their services. 

EAGLE has been around for more than two decades and has been used by students, hobbyists and electronic firms for PCB design. The program has amassed quite a following because of its ease of use. However, even the most easy to use programs require the hand of a knowledgeable person in order to maximize the efficiency and usability of a design. This level of talent can be found only here at Cad Crowd. With a talent pool that covers the entire globe, you have access to professionals with a wide range of specialties who can deliver projects on time and within budget. 

You get only the best EAGLE CAD services here at Cad Crowd. We make sure that you are connected to a highly skilled, pre-qualified designer who has the necessary expertise to bring your project ideas to life. All the designers here at Cad Crowd have been vetted and possess the necessary skills required to complete any design project. 

Cad Crowd is home to the best freelancers in the world. You can choose a freelance EAGLE CAD designer by simply browsing their profile page on the site. When you like what you see, you can hire them directly by getting in touch with them on their personal page. 

You can also hire a freelancer from Cad Crowd by hosting a design contest. This is the option that gives you lots of choices from different designers. You simply state what you want from a particular project and wait for entries from designers to trickle in from around the world. Once you get the submissions, all you have to do is narrow them down to a single choice. With a design contest, you get the benefit of viewing design options before settling with one that meets your specifications. 

EAGLE is just one of the many CAD design tools that our community of drafters and engineers know how to use expertly. Cad Crowd is proud to be the home to a global pool of talented individuals who can provide solutions for whatever problem is thrown their way. As the home of talented and competent engineers, we make sure that your needs are answered.

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