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Digital Fucina

Digital Fucina

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  • Sketching New Products
  • cad jewellery designing
  • Rhinoceros (RhinoCAD, Rhino 3D)


  • Robotics
  • Tinkercad
  • CAD Design
  • Toy Design
  • Luxion KeyShot
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Industrial Design
  • 3D Printing Design
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • PTC Creo Parametric / Pro-E
  • Inflatable Structures Design
  • Rhinoceros (RhinoCAD, Rhino 3D)
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  • Luxion KeyShot
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  • Rhinoceros (RhinoCAD, Rhino 3D)

Toy Design

Find the Best Vetted Toy Design Freelancers

Cad Crowd offers world-class toy design services, carried out by top-tier toy design freelancers. Pre-vetted and pre-qualified, you are assured of a job completed with high quality and according to your project requirements. Browse through our member profiles or submit your project description for a free quote. Based on the specifications provided, we will then connect you directly to the most suitable freelance toy design professional. 

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of hiring online, so you don't need to sift through tons of resumes. We will do the stressful work on your behalf and you can focus more on your project. 

Toy design, in a nutshell, is the process of designing and creating toys. The idea may sound simple and fun, what with the role that toys play, but it is like any other job, there is hard work involved. In fact, a toy maker is also known as a toy engineer, toy creator, and other job titles that show there is nothing easy about toy making. 

Our toy design freelancers are fully aware of the challenges that come with this kind of project. Equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, however, they can handle toy design projects of any size and scope. They have the most in-demand skills needed to become a toy designer. 

Designing toys is nothing simple and straightforward. There are several processes involved, with each one requiring a specific skill. In developing a design, a freelance toy design talent must be well-versed in hand design and the use of CAD systems. Commercial engineering for toys relies heavily on architectural design or computer-aided drafting and drawing. Depending on the toys to be created and manufactured, fine measurements have to be made to make blueprints and building specifications. 

A freelance toy design expert must also know about material selection and production to identify which function, process, and style would produce the best products while keeping the costs down and the quality high. This also means understanding the safety standards and regulations revolving around toy making and ensuring every regulatory requirement is met.  

Cad Crowd’s toy design services also extend to getting a good grip of the marketing basics that enable toy design freelancers to develop a toy that satisfies consumer needs. No two children are the same, after all, and certain playthings appear to certain groups of kids. 

With all the processes involved, you need experts in toy design from Cad Crowd. Our toy design freelancers will work you with you throughout the entire process and project phase, from initial concept and CAD development to prototyping and manufacturing. 

You can hire a freelance toy design expert to become part of your team or hire a group of them to form a dream toy design team. Whether you hire their services for the short-term or when you need to outsource some of your design work to meet the deadline, Cad Crowd got you covered. 

Submit your project brief to us today and we will provide you with a free no-obligation estimate. 

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