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I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Virginia. I have experience with SolidWorks, NX, ANSYS, ETABS, SimFlow, Inventor, Robot, and Fusion 360. My experience at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), enabled me to work on various aspects of the Mars sample recovery mission, scheduled to launch in 2026. At JPL, I helped to develop concepts for aseptic transfer that would protect the mars samples during re-entry, while also maintaining a hermetic seal for aseptic transfer. Another internship at a structural engineering firm taught me to understand and analyze CFD on parts that I have designed. At this structural engineering internship, I gained an appreciation for applying loads to test for safety in what I am modeling, while also learning how to interact with a client and meet their needs. My undergraduate research position with the ROMAC Lab at UVA allowed me to gain more experience with ANSYS CFD modeling. Through this position, I learned about Squeeze Film Dampers and how to model fluid flow on bearings. I also have experience designing a human-powered vehicle from scratch for a racing competition, as well as a 3D stage for laser cutting applications.

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  • Systems Engineer Lockheed Martin · Full-time Jul 2021 – Present 1 yrs 2 mos Sunnyvale, CA, United States • Analyzed flight operations data from infrared satellites using Matlab.
    • Performed maintenance and responded to data based on the satellites real time needs.
    • Modeled concepts and designs of satellites and their functionalities using MBSE and Solidworks.
  • Undergraduate Researcher University of Virginia · Part-time Oct 2018 – May 2021 2 yrs 7 mos Charlottesville, VA, United States • Researched, designed, tested, and built a 3D printing stage in order to test metal alloys with a laser.
    • Worked as a team member, designing product to meet scientific research requirements.
    • Analyzed effects of laser on alloys through the use of a Hirox Digital Scope and Quanta LV200.
    • Taught other researchers how to use the code to run the new sample stage.
  • Undergraduate Researcher University of Virginia · Part-time Aug 2019 – Oct 2020 1 yrs 2 mos Charlottesville, VA, United States • Conducted research on the modeling, usage, and performance of Squeeze Film Dampers
    • Performed computational fluid dynamics analysis on Squeeze Film Dampers
  • Concept Design and Modeling Intern NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory · Internship Jun 2020 – Aug 2020 2 mos Pasadena, CA, United States • Developed concepts to reinforce or replace methods of aseptic transfer for Mars Sample Recovery.
    • Lead on a team for one concept of sealing using heated shrink fits.
    • Modeled hardware and testing scenarios for impact testing of multiple recovery missions.
    • Designed hardware to be used in testing for heating interfaces in a vacuum.
  • Modeling and Design Intern Bakkala Consulting Engineers · Internship Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 2 mos Dublin, D, Ireland • Designed and modeled several buildings using ETABS software.
    • Conducted structural analysis and analyzed loads in projects for the most efficient use of material.
  • Research intern NASA Langley Research Center · Internship May 2018 – Aug 2018 3 mos Hampton, VA, United States • Conducted research in modeling of space radiation effects on human tissue.
    • Applied various models in FORTRAN code and tested variables to find the best fit for astronauts.


  • University of Virginia BS, Mech Eng, 3.6 2017 – 2021