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42,210 / 75,067
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- About 2 years of experience in the field.
- Learning every day -
I do mostly 3D modeling, texturing, animation and rendering.
- I wanna gain experience and help people get their job done
- The applications I use are Blender 3D, Davinci Resolve, and GIMP.
- If the job is beyond my knowledge, I will say this to the employer and try to learn the thing ASAP
- Having income would be good, but now I just wanna work in the field.

*** Long version ***

Personal life: My first encounter with CGI and VFX was in 1999 and the movie "The Matrix". Since then, I become obsessed with CGI and always wanted to create things I imagine in my mind. I'm graduating in Software Engineering but I wanna work in the CGI and VFX field in the near future. I would love to do freelancing. It will give me the options to choose and also I can meet a lot of people, know their needs and get things done as soon as possible with the highest quality imagined. I'm kind of a perfectionist in my life. I won't stop working on things till they are finished in the fashion I like them to be. Profession: I started learning 3d modeling in 2019. I started with Maya and after a while, I switched to Blender 3D. I keep learning stuff every day since then. The things I do mostly (till now) are 3D modeling, animation, texturing, and post-processing with either Blender or Davinci Resolve. At this point, I consider myself an intermediate in my area of work. The most important thing for me to work as a freelancer is having good communication with the employer so we could get things done in a good way. This way we can get top-notch results in very little time. I'm looking forward to work with you :)


  • University of Culture and Science BACHELORE OF ENGINEERING, Software engineering, 16/70 2015 – 2019