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Last updated: Apr 19, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring GIMP Designers

Cad Crowd is the planet’s top marketplace for experts in the field of design. We will be glad to help you establish a long-lasting and fruitful connection with freelance GIMP experts prepared to edit, retouch and design anything you want using the flagship open source image creation and editing program. All the experts we have are knowledgeable, trained and experience and this gives us the opportunity to vouch for their work. We are sure that they will deliver work that matches your specifications. Avoid the typical mistakes associated with online hiring and connect with the best GIMp freelancers from Cad Crowd.

GIMP, also known as GNU Manipulation Program, is a completely free, open-source graphics editor. It is usually used for image editing and image retouching, resizing, free-form drawing, photo montages, cropping, converting and other similar tasks. It’s also good to point out that GIMP is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux users.

This efficient editing program was introduced in 1995. It became an instant hit because of its user-friendly interface and the myriad features. Obviously, the most used tools are the ones that provide precise image editing. This program allows users to select colors in a few different ways. They can also use custom gradients. 

Furthermore, GIMP has excellent selection tools like the free select tool, circular and rectangular selection tool and even a fuzzy select tool, often called the magic wand. There are some more advanced selection tools, but they are used by professionals like the ones listed on Cad Crowd. GIMP is used for image editing too. Experienced users with advanced knowledge rely on ink tools and the well-known airbrush, pencil, paint brush and eraser to edit images and get a design that they want. While we are talking about image editing, we must mention the so-called smart tools which make this process even simpler.

Layer masks, layers, channels, automation, scripts, plug-ins and GEGL are some other things that GIMP supports. Another thing that makes GIMP extraordinary is the file formats. Namely, GIMP allows users to export and import a huge list of file formats including TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEF and BMP. It can also import PDF files too.

Every designer found on our website will work closely with the client that has selected them and guide their client through this image editing process from the start to the end. GIMP is a complex program, but the designers we are featuring on Cad Crowd know how to get the maximum from every feature.

We have a community that includes a large number of image design and editing experts from every corner of our planet. Cad Crowd connects clients with the most successful professionals in this field. They will provide their assistance at highly competitive prices. Send the details about your project and we will assess your requirements and needs right away. All our experts provide top-notch GIMP services, but we will find the right person for your specific project. Contact us at any time!

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