Guilherme Jarentchuk

Microsoft PowerPoint, CAD Design & GIMP Expert

BR Joinville, Brazil

1995 / 17383
Score: 5
I am a young, recently graduated Mechanical Engineer, with the main goal, for the next years, of developing machines, devices or software to help on solving people's problems. Currently I am surveying different Master's Degree opportunities and working part-time in the project area of a small gyrocopter company. While those are my main occupations, I am looking for working on small freelancer projects too, as they give me chance of helping people in exchange of additional experience on different fields. My major interests are renewable energy, aircraft design (especially unusual types), cheaper and more effective urban transportation methods, video games, low cost local manufacturing and Lindy Hop (thanks Scotland for this last one). During the university years, I helped developing software for a working CNC milling machine prototype that uses STEP-NC as input data, focusing on toolpath generation algorithm. Also, during university, I took part on the Albatroz Aero Design team, design small scale RC cargo aircraft. As a side project, I developed a functional structural simulation software in 2012 that the team uses until today. Specialities: Creo/Pro Engineer CAD modelling, English-Portuguese translation, Lua programming, data survey and analysis.