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Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world and has now become an essential part of our lives. Thanks to explosive and powerful developments, technology now brings our imagination closer to reality. One of the best examples to demonstrate this is 3D modeling, which has completely changed the current world of ideas, designs, and applications. 

3D modeling is a technique used to create mathematical representations of 3-dimensional objects or shapes. With 3D-modeling tools, fresh individual ideas are turned into unique models and prototypes. 3D modeling is already an integral part of many industries. Engineers and architects find it indispensable in the planning and design of their work. 

Game developers and animators are not left behind either as they depend on 3D modeling in showcasing their ideas and bringing them to life. And if you’ve not been living under a rock in the past decade or two, you will have seen the works of 3D modeling in several Hollywood blockbusters. 

Because of its value, there are several software programs available for 3D modeling today. Most 3D modeling software programs will allow you to go from designing basic 3D models of characters or objects, to giving your designs stunning realistic details. Among the highest rated is Blender. 

Blender is a powerful, free, and open source 3D graphics software. It contains everything belonging to 3D design, with popular features such as modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking. That’s not all: there is even a game creation engine and a video editing system. 

Blender has long been a suitable alternative to expensive modeling software programs, and has undergone several transitions, with many improvements and added features.  It might be free software, but it is right up there with the best 3D modeling packages. 

When it comes to bringing creative and innovative ideas to life with 3D software like Blender, whether you have developed a concept about a new product, architectural models, 3D animations, models, or movies, you’ll want to work with a top 3D designer. At Cad Crowd, you’ll find an array of highly skilled professionals who are ready to work with you and make your project a success. 

Blender 3D modeling capabilities and benefits

As far as open-source programs and applications are concerned, you won’t find many that are specially designed for the 3D visualization industry. The majority of the paid modeling programs are quite expensive, obtuse, and you have to pay exorbitant fees to be able to use them. This is what makes Blender such a valuable tool. 

The program was developed as an in-house application in 1995 by Dutch animation studio NeoGeo. The company, co-owned by software developer Ton Roosendaal, then started a crowdfunding campaign in 2002 with the aim of collecting $100,000 from the community of developers, engineers, and artists. Within two months, the target was reached and Blender was released as a free and open source software. 

Since the release, the program has gone through several refinements and improvements from a dedicated base of software engineers and 3D artists. 

Currently, Blender has its own render engine, which is known as Cycles. The powerful Cycles Render Engine is a ray tracing renderer built right into the software, with interactivity and ease of use as its main focus. It can produce ultra-realistic images and animations that can just about rival the big and expensive 3D modeling and rendering programs available today. 

It also supports CPU and GPU rendering, fast interactive preview render, virtual reality compatibility, path tracing unbiased renderer, and a node-based material system. 

Blender is gaining popularity more and more in the visual effects and game creation industry. It also provides engineers and architects with a full-fledged set of tools to make 3D models of designs, create packaging, and detailed product rendering visualization. It’s a great tool for concept creation and it speeds up the rapid prototyping phase as well as excelling in product design. 

The benefits of using Blender 3D software are undeniable. However, 3D modeling design is a highly technical field. Check out our database of pre-vetted experts who can take on your project and deliver above your expectations. Post your job on Cad Crowd and watch as talented designers compete for your attention. 

Pick the perfect freelancer whose style and skills will lend itself best to your project. With Cad Crowd, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands and you’ll be receiving work that is only of the highest quality. 

Overview of Blender features

Blender is chock-full of features and it is the most robustly supported, finely-tuned open-source modeling and rendering software around. 


Blender is cross-platform software which gives users of different operating systems the ability to benefit fully. Currently, Blender supports Windows, OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD, which are the most popular operating systems. Since it is written in C, C++, and Python, it can use the hardware architecture efficiently.

Fast modeling

There are many capabilities of the Blender modeling tool. It has multiple keyboard shortcuts for efficient modeling. It also supports N-Gon, which is very useful when working with shapes like cylinders. Python scripts can be added to improve the capability of the tool. It comes with pre-installed add-ons and there are also different add-ons available online for free. 

Photorealistic rendering

One of the common uses for Blender is rendering. Blender offers a powerful rendering engine called Cycles. Cycles offers real-time viewport preview, which shows freelance 3D rendering designers and artists the rendered image right on the viewport and helps them to save time by not having to render multiple times. It also offers GPU and CPU rendering, which utilizes the power of the CPU and Graphics card together to make the rendering process even more efficient. Cad Crowd has thousands of expert 3D artists and CAD professionals who can provide you with high-quality custom 3D renderings.

Fast rigging

Rigging is an important feature in any 3D software. Blender provides some features to make rigging faster and easier. Mirror functionality is available which can be handy when modeling symmetrical shapes. It supports bone layers in which different set of bones can be moved to different layers during design. Weight painting is also available in which body parts can be painted by selecting a bone.


With Blender, sculpting complex shapes can be done with different brushes and methods of modifying meshes. All the different brushes available offer important sculpting modes. Mirrored sculpting helps to sculpt models which are symmetric. 

Easy UV unwrapping

UV Unwrapping is used by our designers to wrap images on 3D objects. Multiple UV layers are possible in Blender. It also allows painting directly on the unwrapped image which will appear on the 3D object. With Blender, our designers are also able to export UV layouts as .png files to allow for working with other software as well.

Game creation

Our experienced game design services and developers are also able to create and render 3D games with Blender. It is even possible to play the games in the program. It also has a full bullet physics integration. Blender comes with audio controls, a physics engine with collision detection, and a path-finding toolkit. These tools help Cad Crowd designers and artists create awesome fully-functioning video games.

Camera and object tracking

Raw video footages can be imported and our designers are able to track any object or the camera movements and integrate their 3D space in Blender with it. A real-time preview of the tracked footage is then made available by the software. Features like this can normally only be found in expensive programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. While not as comprehensive, the features are very useful and make Blender a fantastic program all around.

Video editing

As if that wasn’t enough, the program also comes with a full video editor. It may not have all the functions of Premiere Pro, but it works nicely as a basic editor with some great features. It includes features like speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters and more.

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