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ADINA Structures 2021 bushings crane code Dlubal RFEM 2021 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Fatigue Analysis Fatigue and Static Strength FEA Meshing Engineering idea statica 2021 IronCAD 2017 Linkage Mechanisms Mechanical 3D Design Mechanical 3D Rendering Mechanical Analysis and Design Mechanism Design Engineering ptc creo Sheet metal modelling Solvia Solvia 2008 Welded connections


I've been interested in structural strength since I was a child, later choosing to become a mechanical engineer, learning how to achieve high-quality products with optimized shape and light weight. I have a lot of experience from many different areas of engineering, like equipment for transformers (tap-changers and bushings), power towers and masts, machines, mechanisms, cranes and much more. As could be seen from the numbers of softwares I have used, I am a very quick learner which also means that I most often can understand a project or problem and start my work on it very quick. But I always try to have an open mind, knowing that good quality often comes from assessing several alternativs before choosing, An important goal is to give my customers early indications when finding room for improvement of a product/project. Many have been astonished by the speed of my work, but quality is more important for me than speed. Of course, high speed often means lower costs in the end.


  • Owner Analysas AS · Full-time Nov 2018 – Present 3 yrs 1 mos Elverum, Innlandet, Norway Structural calculations, design, mechanism simulation and earthquake calculations of tap-changers and bushings for Hitachi Powergrids, Ludvika Sweden. Some creep and fatigue analyses of steel and aluminium components.
    Structural calculation of power masts and towers and similar equipment for Br. Berntsen, Hønefoss, Norway. Advanced calculations of bolted pole fundaments at their limits. Also advanced welded/bolted connections analyzed with either Adinaor Idea Statica.
  • Owner Flexible Engineering · Full-time Sep 2008 – Jan 2019 10 yrs 4 mos Vansbro, Dalarna County, Sweden Structural calculations, design, mechanism simulation and earthquake calculations of tap-changers and bushings for ABB Components (now Hitachi), Ludvika Sweden.
    CAD Specialist (PTC Creo), helping ABBs personell with especially demanding tasks.
    Structural calculations, mechanical design and product development on tunnel machines for Normet, Ludvika Sweden.
    Structural calculations and product development/CAD on tunnel machines, cranes and lifts for Essverk, Ludvika Sweden.
    Also design and analysis of silos and other smaller projects as well, gathering a lot of experience in meshing and modeling techniquest in several CAD-systems and also FE-preprocessors.
    So a lot of experience from several areas of interest:
    Static calculations according to various codes (Eurocodes, Australian standards etc) of pressure vessels, cranes, lifts, tunneling machines, bushings, tap changers in steel, aluminium, copper and composite materials.
    Nonlinear calculations, also dynamic when needed, of machines, tap changer mechanisms, bushings, silos and power tower collapse load.
    Contact analyses (FEA) in various fields.
    Earthquake analyses of bushings and tap-changers.
    Modal analyses, vibration analyses, also of test fixtures.
    Fatigue assessment accoring to various codes, using FEA-results or similar.
  • University Lecturer University of Gävle · Part-time Jul 1999 – Dec 2008 9 yrs 5 mos Gävle, Gavleborg County, Sweden Teaching CAD, FEA and product development for 10 years at the University of Gävle, Sweden on advanced levels of CAD and product development, including writing books used by other universities.


  • University of Gævle Bachelor , Mechanical Engineering 1996 – 1999

Other experience

  • Technical illustration Using technical drawing tools, making more "consumer oriented" graphics and maps than mechanical drawings. Also writing lots of technical reports during the years, sometimes involving technical drawings to describe the problems better than CAD-renderings could.
  • Technical writing Writing/producing CAD-instruction books for Pro/Engineer back in the years (hidden). Some of the material, describing product development for CAD, still lives on in another book for Autodesk Inventor, with a co-author.