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What are structural design services?

It goes without saying, but every structure, regardless of size or intended purpose, must be secure. Buildings need structural integrity to simply continue standing. Some structures are more complex than others and require more complicated designs, but this is only a difference of degree, not kind. No matter how intricate or extensive the buildings or structures themselves might be, they all need a structural engineer to ensure the strength, stability, and rigorousness of the construction.

Buildings and other structures vary in size and in the materials used for building them. Structural engineers can assess the design of any particular structure with regard to these aspects. In so doing, they consider every facet of a building project’s parameters. They work with other designers, as well as planners and architects, to figure out the safest and most efficient ways to construct the supporting framework of the structure in question. This framework is often referred to as the “bones and muscles” of a building. Like the skeleton of a human being, these support structures—steel beams, lumber, drywall, and other materials—have to work in concert. They do this in order to maintain the shape and form of the structure, whatever it might be.

This goes for everything from two-story homes and apartment buildings to high-rise office towers and works of art like the Eiffel Tower. That said, most of a structural engineer's work involves commercial building design. Whatever the case, structural design is the service completed by structural engineers to ensure that works of construction can last for years, decades, even centuries. If buildings are to do this without falling apart or crumbling under their own density, they need solid structural designs. Structural engineers, then, must possess both an in-depth knowledge of physics and a thorough understanding of how design and architectural processes work. In other words, ignoring gravity for the sake of beauty would not be a great trait in a structural engineer.

In addition to designing the layout of the inner framework of a building, structural design services engineers also help with other projects. These can be as disparate as construction machinery and equipment used in hospitals. They even help with the design of large vehicles, such as tanks for the military, that require special attention to ensure structural integrity. They are also hired at times to inspect existing construction or renovation projects for engineering evaluations. Their particular skill set is utilized on-site to help determine what needs might arise and assist with preparations. Structural engineers work with architects and general contractors to specify the conditions under which a project can be completed successfully. Click here to learn how structural design engineers work to protect people and buildings from catastrophic floods.

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Within the scope of their duties lie incredibly important responsibilities. One of these is making sure that a building is constructed so that it will stand the test of time. In essence, that is what structural engineers do: They design structures that time cannot easily break. With buildings that have a high-design aesthetic, this can be especially tricky to achieve.

Consider the Eiffel Tower, mentioned earlier. The design of this structure is not traditional in any sense of the term. The arching beams have to support one another perfectly so that the tower does not collapse. Innovative ideas are often necessary for such thinking to manifest effectively, whether the project is a sophisticated art piece or a commercial building or warehouse. Operationally, they are no different: Structural engineers have to complete design services in order for any of these structures to be constructed appropriately.

A structural engineer's work requires an extensive overlay and cross-pollination between imagination and practical, forward-minded, solution-oriented thinking. Any structure they engineer has to perform ably throughout its entire life. When executed well, these buildings can also achieve balance, order, and integration within their environment and contribute to the world around them. While this latter part is more often the work of designers and architects, without an able structural engineer, the projects won’t get off the ground (literally).

What does a structural engineer do?

Structural engineers are the people who do the calculations needed to make the designs of architectural design freelancers and others actually work. Think of it in terms of the overarching chronology of a construction project, regardless of scope or type. First, architects and designers plan out the building or structure. Then, structure engineers work to ensure the design is structural sound before construction even begins. Finally, general contractors see to it that the plans come to fruition during construction. Structural design work is considered the most critical aspect of any construction job. In a way, it is the work that makes sure all the rest ultimately happens at all.

Anything that goes into the structure needs to be safeguarded against collapse or failure. This goes for everything from the foundation to the roof and so much more. Any building that requires concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass—indeed, any material at all—needs a structural engineer. They make sure it all fits together into a perfect puzzle with no missing pieces and nothing out of place. All parts of the structure must be structurally sound; a soft foundation can bring the whole building down.

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Imagine constructing a deck or balcony without checking first to see that it will safely hang off the side of the building. Consider building a parking garage without taking into account how much weight the concrete and steel support beams can carry. Once you reflect on these (rather unconscionable) hypothetical situations, it becomes obvious how vital structural engineers are to any construction project. They are basically the failsafe. By inspecting blueprints for possible failure points, they help ensure that there are none whatsoever in the completed structure.

From working on a new construction project to restoring older buildings or renovating after a natural disaster, structural design work always comes into play. Structural engineers use many of the same tools that architects and other engineers use. All of these professionals make use of computer-aided drafting software (CAD, for short). Much of the same software is used across these related disciplines, and the most popular packages belong to the Autodesk family of applications. Up until recently, many structural engineers used AutoCAD Structural Detailing. As of 2015, however, this was discontinued, so most structural engineers now use programs such as Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Revit, SolidWorks Design Services, Civil3D, and Tekla.

With these and other software application packages, structural engineers can develop practical, three-dimensional structural blueprints for safe and secure construction. These help general contractors, design firms, and steel and rebar fabricators to build various facilities with structural integrity throughout. These 3D blueprints are also used by the craftsmen who create other building components like glazing, claddings, and enclosures.

Additionally, structural engineers can work with steel, rebar, and other metal detailers and fabricators to assure that plans are as efficient and thorough as possible. Elements such as roofs, trusses, columns, angled segments, and of course, the foundation itself, are all crucial to a building’s structural integrity. As such, the design of each must be examined by a structural engineer at some point.

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Bringing Cad Crowd onboard allows you to manage the needs of your business as you ordinarily would, without any extra headaches. What’s more, you get the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing only the finest structural engineers are bringing your team’s vision to life.

Further, we make sure that only the absolute best structural design services freelancers have the chance to work on your project. Our tight-knit group of freelancers has years of experience. Each freelancer is highly qualified in a specialized area of structural engineering. Each member of our group has worked with companies of all sizes and leaders in every field. Whatever your structural design needs may be, rest assured that the engineers at Cad Crowd will create exactly what you need for a successful project. We can come up with a structural engineering solution for every client, no matter how big or small the project may be.

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Cad Crowd will help you by utilizing our huge network of established structural engineers. We work only with the best of the best. Each designer and engineer uses state-of-the-art technology, and all work will adhere to the latest industry standards. If there’s a particular software program that you need us to use, just let us know, and we’ll locate the perfect structural engineer for your project.

Our structural design services companies can assist any organization with getting started from scratch, or they can build upon previous work. Wherever you are in the process of construction or planning, we can help you get exactly where you need to be. We can help you work intelligently and productively, and we can save you money along the way.

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