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61,342 / 82,530
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3D & 2D Modeling and Drafting 3D Sheet Metal Design CAD Design CSWA Certification FEA SolidWorks SolidWorks 3DEXPERIENCE Surfacing


Hundreds of hours of experience using SolidWorks on my FRC Team to model our whole robot prototype. My first season, I was the only team member interested in CAD, so I did the whole thing myself, including the subassemblies for the intake system, electronics panel, drive train, etc. Gained my baseline experience with creating new parts, importing McMaster parts into assemblies, and working with subassemblies. Also learned very early on to deal with the small frustrations that inevitably come with CAD, and that it just takes patience/time to work through these in the end.

Since then, I have taken the course in SolidWorks through my college and attained my CSWA certification at the end of that course. I gained more detailed knowledge about the features in SolidWorks such as ribs, shells, and surfacing techniques, as well as advanced mates in assemblies, among other skills. I also worked part-time for a company during the last 6 months of the school year, and provided CAD support for the whole company during my time there. I gained more practice with the skills I already had, and learned how to use the animation feature to create a rendered video of an assembly moving.

CSWP certified as of 5/30/2023


  • R&D Device Engineering Intern Tynt Technologies, Inc. · Part-time Nov 2022 – Apr 2023 5 mos Boulder, CO, United States Responsible for research focused on improving yield and efficiency of devices as well as overall mechanical support as the only mechanical engineer on the R&D team. Tested different device structures and ran weatherometer experiments to gather performance data and lifespan data. Noticed and repaired different equipment inefficiencies across the lab. Worked to implement various mechanical solutions as needed including fixtures and 3D printed substrate holders.

    Also gained practice with machine programming and SolidWorks animations, as well as professional presentation skills to senior staff.


  • University of Colorado Boulder Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 3.482 2021 – 2025 (expected)

Other experience

  • FIRST Team 2881 “Lady Cans” - Elected CEO / Drive Coach / Build Director As Director of Build, I oversaw the build team from brainstorming to competition. I fully involved myself in each sub team, making sure they were performing as expected to meet the strict 6-week deadline. As CEO, I adapted our meetings to be
    virtual over the pandemic, organized and ran weekly leadership meetings of ~12 people, set priorities and schedules for the board of directors, and constantly monitored our progress to meet the 6-week deadline. At the time, the team had roughly 40 members.

    100+ hours of SolidWorks experience, learned to use a CNC mill and lathe, countless hours of prototyping, electronics, & pneumatics experience. Improved time management, delegation, and prioritization abilities on a large scale project.

Licenses & Certifications

  • SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design Professional (CSWP-MD) Dassault Systèmes May 2023 – Present
  • SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design Associate (CSWA-MD) Dassault Systèmes Aug 2022 – Present