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Last updated: Apr 17, 2024

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Cad Crowd is the best website for those looking for international top talent for Body in white (BIW). We will be glad to connect any of our clients with freelance BIW experts ready to create the best design for any type of product. We have designers that are carefully screened and tested, pre-trained and pre-qualified. These are just some of the things that make us believe that they will meet your criteria and help you with your project. Leave aside the hassles and frustrations of online hiring and connect with highly skilled professional BIW freelancers from Cad Crowd.

BIW or Body in white is a term used to describe the phase in car manufacturing in which an automobile body’s sheet metal parts have been assembled and welded together. BIW is conducted prior to the process of painting and prior to the process of assembling parts like the engine, the moving parts (deck lids, hoods, and doors), trim (seats, glass, electronics etc.) and/or chassis sub-assemblies in the frame structure.

BIW got its name from manufacturing procedures before monocoque bodies. At this time, car bodies were designed and created on an individual chassis with a suspension, engine, and fenders attached. The majority of manufacturers purchased or built bodies made from wood and bolted them onto the frame. Before the final color, these bodies were painted white.  

Another explanation for the use of this term is that the look of automobile body after it’s dipped in a white primer is white, although really it’s more grayish.  

In any case, when it comes to automobile design, BIW stage is the stage in which the end contours of the body are made. Manufacturers may provide BIW vehicles to racers who usually replace up to 90% of the automobile with aftermarket parts. 

At Cad Crowd we are proud of our designers who are prepared to work with any client over the entire design process. The BIW stage is a complex one and requires the work of true professionals and this is where Cad Crowd can help.

Cad Crowd team has a community comprised of thousands of freelance CAD designers, engineers, and other experts. We are always connecting clients with the best freelancers. Our business model allows us to provide BIW services at very competitive prices. Let us learn more about your next project. Submit your project description for a free quote. Our team will closely assess your requirements and connect you with the best freelancers for your specific project. Don’t waste your time and start working on your project today!  

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