A life time goal has been set up since my childhood, in a field that has been inspiring me to push the boundaries of
success to cutting edge. Coming from a small village, it was not an easy journey to become the first engineer of my
family. With the support of my family, I strove hard to achieve my ambition. In the Higher Secondary School
Examination, I scored 90% marks in basic sciences and secured first position overall in the college. Based on my
academic record and entrance test examination, I got selected to Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
at PIEAS, one of the most prestigious and sought after university in Pakistan. I secured third position overall with
3.85/4 CGPA. I won full scholarship during my graduation based on my academic performance
After my graduation, I have been working on structural design and analysis of mechanical systems. I am responsible
for developing design concepts of mechanical systems from the conceptual level to the final product. I have also
performed a number of linear and non-linear structural analysis using ANSYS like “Buckling analysis of isogrid
stiffened composite cylinder subjected to axial loads” and “Static structural and inertial analysis of high speed rail
components”. I have published one research paper. Moreover two papers are recently submitted for peer review.


  • PIEAS Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2014 graduation