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I'm an expert electronic engineer, I've worked in three different London startups in the past 6 years, and I have a PhD in electronic engineering. Over the years, I built up a lot of experience in various electric and electronic fields. Now I work as a freelance and I deal with all sorts of electronic projects, the more challenging, the better. I specialize in fast prototyping, I'm a very quick designer and I can build prototypes in house, thanks to my reflow oven and soldering skills. I have experience in wearables, IoT, wireless sensor networks, long-range wireless systems, ultra-low-power electronics, energy harvesting, industrial and power electronics, and much more. I have a deep knowledge of microcontrollers and SoC of many brands, and I can write firmware for prototypes. Find below a more detailed list of skills:

– 10 years embedded systems design experience in a wide range of applications: wearables, wireless sensor networks, energy harvesting, automation.
– Extensive knowledge of MCUs and SoC (BLE, Wifi, LowPAN, Zigbee), MEMS, SMPS, GPS, RFID, sensors, actuators, motors, primary and secondary batteries.
– Design of production testing Jigs, design for manufacturing, EMC compliance and CE marking, supply chain management, production line direct experience (Shenzhen, Taipei).
– Strong background in ultra-low-power systems, miniaturization and Energy Harvesting power supply.
– PCB editing (Altium, Eagle, Cadence), multilayer and flexible PCB, RF optimisation, antenna placement and antenna tuning through Vector Network Analyser (BLE, Sub GHz).
– Wide laboratory experience in electronic fast prototyping (SMT soldering: 0201, 0.4mm pitch SMAs), circuit debugging and electronic measurement instrumentation.
– Extended knowledge of the photovoltaic technology: mass power generation and micro generation for energy harvesting.
– Extended experience with other forms of energy harvesting as MFC (Microbial Fuel Cell), vibrational, thermal, etc...
– IC design using the most common electronic CADs.


  • Senior Embedded Systems Engineer Converge Ltd · Full-time Jan 2017 – Apr 2021 4 yrs 3 mos London, England, United Kingdom At Converge we made wireless IoT devices for the construction industry. I have been the leader electronic engineer and designed most of their products. I've learned a lot about NPI (New Product Introduction) processes and the journey from prototype to product (including CE/FCC certifications). I've learned also about long range wireless in hostile environnments (we made devices transmitting from inside the concrete), antenna placement and tuning. All the design we made were industrial grade electronics with IPxx rating and high temperature resistance.
  • Electronic Engineer Vinaya Ltd · Full-time Apr 2015 – Dec 2016 1 yrs 8 mos London, England, United Kingdom At Vinaya we built innovative wereable devices based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). As part of a small engineers team, I brought in my ultra low power electronics experience and built up a lot of experience in miniaturization and medium scale production. I have been exposed to Altium multilayer and flexible PCB design, I've learned a lot about device miniaturization (we designed a wearable of only 17x13x7mm with 15 days battery life) and about medium volumes production with trips in China, Taiwan and USA.


  • University of Pavia PhD, Electronic Engineering, 108/110 2011 – 2014 Activities and Societies: null Photovoltaic generation: micro/integrated and macro/discrete
    approach, Energy Harvesting, Ultra-low-power, Power management and
    Wireless Sensor Networks