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Cad Crowd offers electrical circuit design services for a wide range of different fields. Our freelance engineers are on the cutting-edge of technology and are always working to become more knowledgeable in the field. Circuit design is used in a wide variety of different ways and is used in almost every industry.

Our engineers have years of experience in the field and are always looking for innovative new ways to progress.

Why you need electrical circuit design services

Whether you own a factory that needs sensors for its machinery or are creating a new electronic gadget for your startup business, the need for electrical circuit design is a part of virtually every industry. Circuits are used in all electronics to help them run properly and are an essential part to even the most basic appliance.

Electrical circuits are often highly complex, and many need to be designed very specifically to do their job without failing. There are many challenges involved in circuit design, and a small error can lead to chronic problems with the electrical circuit.

Available electrical circuit design services

There are many different types of electrical services available, just as there are different types of circuits for different purposes. Here’s a look at some common service options.

Digital circuit design

Digital circuits have a variety of different uses in electronics. They mainly act as logic gates and are used to differentiate between electrical signals. If digital circuit design is needed for your project, a design engineering service can work with you to create a detailed design with all necessary technical data.

Analog circuit design

Analog circuits include sensors for industrial machines and those that read environmental data. Analog design is often very specific and presents many design challenges in the process. Our experienced engineers are familiar with the types of challenges that often come up with analog circuit design and can create a detailed design with all necessary technical data that overcomes these challenges.

Wireless and RF circuit design

Wireless and RF circuit designs are becoming more popular and are an important part of the industry. Each one of them also presents their own unique challenges. A common problem with RF design for example, is unwanted RF emissions.

Our engineers are familiar with the potential problems for wireless designs, and will be able to find solutions for any of the problems that may surface during the design.

Embedded system design

Embedded system designs require collaborative efforts between both hardware and firmware designers. There are many different types of embedded systems, from stand-alone to networked embedded systems. Each type requires a different approach and fulfills a different role.

Our designers can work with available data to create a functioning embedded system design that works with your unique project.

PCB layouts

PCB layouts require specific software experience. Our engineers are familiar with the software required, and can produce accurate PCB layouts.

Updating existing circuit designs

Phones, laptops, and many other electronic devices become irrelevant in a very short period of time. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, constant upgrades need to be made to keep the device relevant to consumers.

An engineer can help you provide the necessary updates to your circuits, so that you can get the next big update to consumers out there as soon as possible.

Finishing an incomplete circuit design

Another common scenario with existing circuits is an unfinished circuit design. Sometimes a circuit design is begun, but for various reasons the last engineer was unable to complete the work. Instead of starting from scratch, you can opt to have a new engineer finish the design for you. 

Reverse engineering

Sometimes circuit designs for existing products get lost or become unavailable. When this happens, upgrading the product or moving on from there can be problematic. If you have an existing product but no longer have the design for it, a process called reverse engineering can be used to help you get the design again.

During the process of reverse engineering, an engineer will take the existing product, and work backwards to figure out how the circuit was made. They will then produce an accurate drawing of the existing circuit for you, so you can use it for upgrades and other important information.

Reverse engineering is highly useful in the right situations, and can save a lot of time and trouble if an old product suddenly has a surge of interest. Cad Crowd has a network of freelance reverse engineering professionals ready to help with yor project.

What you can expect

If you’ve never hired someone for your circuit design needs before, you may be wondering what to expect. Our designers are very experienced in the field and will keep you updated on the process. In general, this is what you can expect.

The initial consult

Once you have reached out about a design, a meeting will be scheduled between you and the engineer designing your circuit. Communication is critical to making sure that the circuit you receive does what you want it to do, and it’s something the engineers take seriously. 

During the meeting, the engineer will get basic information about the circuit, including whether this is an update or reverse engineering situation, or a completely new design. If the circuit is based on an old design, this will also be the time arrangements are made to send over previous designs.

Regulatory review

Once the designer has a detailed understanding of what you are looking for in the circuit, they will start researching the best way to creating it. This step includes looking up any regulations related to the industry, and making sure the circuit will meet all safety protocols and standards.

Any design made will be fully compliant with all laws and regulations.

First draft is created

Once all regulations are reviewed, the design process begins. The engineer will create the first draft of the circuit, keeping in mind all regulations necessary. Special CAD software allows the engineer to preview how the circuit will work, ensuring that it does what it is required to do.

Quality control

Once the initial draft is created, a senior team member will take a look at the design and double check that it meets all standards. This includes checking that it meets any regulatory restrictions as well as that the circuit is designed to do what is needed.

Changes may be made to streamline the circuit, improving its usefulness and fixing any other details that need to be fixed. Only after it has been rigorously checked is the circuit design sent over to the customer for review.

First draft sent to customer

Once the circuit has been carefully inspected, it’s sent to the customer to review. This is one of the most fluid times for changes. If the customer finds anything they want fixed or changed, they can ask for it at this time.

If there are changes that need to be made, the engineer will carefully research how to do this in a way that meets regulatory standards, and address these changes as swiftly as possible.

Final draft designed

Once the design meets customer approval, the circuit design will come back for finishing touches. The design will be polished to the best possible standard, while as always keeping regulatory standards in mind.

Final feedback

Once the circuit design is finished, the circuit design is sent back for any last feedback from the customer. 

Benefits of outsourcing to Cad Crowd

Outsourcing has become a popular way to meet the ever changing needs of a growing company. Outsourcing allows you to hire the experience of decades, without having to payroll that experience during lulls in production.

Circuit design covers a fairly broad industry, and no two engineers have exactly the same knowledge. Cad Crowd has the specialist knowledge you need for your circuit, and has deeply knowledgeable people who not only know how to make or improve your circuit, but also all the regulations that control how they can  be made.

You can expect any circuit design you invest in to be of high quality, with the accuracy you need. Our engineers have software that can test the work capability of the circuit, helping to not only verify that it works but also helps them check to see if there are more efficient ways of creating the circuit.

Throughout the process, Cad Crowd circuit designers will be in touch with you and show you the progress of your circuit, so you have the opportunity to give feedback and make changes as needed. This high level of communication will ensure that you get the circuit design you are expecting, and are happy with the completed design.

When you outsource with Cad Crowd, you get all the benefits of hiring the best professionals in the world, without the drawbacks of having to search for talent, hire them, and keep them on staff even when you no longer have projects for them to work on.

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