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Cad Crowd is a world-renowned platform that provides access to the top talent for fatigue analysis and design. It’s our job to connect each of our clients with freelance fatigue analysis experts capable of preparing analysis for their new product. We have selected designers that are trained, qualified and knowledgeable in this area. Save some time when hiring online and stick to the best professional fatigue analysis freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Fatigue is part of materials science and represents the weakening of specific materials. This weakening results from repeatedly applied loads. Fatigue analysis is a process which relies on two different methodologies – S-N and S-L method. The first one is known as Total life while the second one is known as Stress-Life method. But, these two methods are different for few other reasons. Namely, the Total Life method doesn’t take the difference between growth of a crack and the initiation of crack into consideration. 

Fatigue analysis is centered on the failures that components and different pieces of equipment experience as a result of fatigue. This problem is a direct consequence of the combination of dynamic and static stress. In order to solve these fatigue failures, fatigue analysis uses the calculation of dynamic and static stress with the help of different mechanical loads. When the procedure is finished, measured stress is compared to preset allowable limits.

Experts in the field of fatigue analysis use a wide range of analysis tools to measure forced response, natural frequencies and static stress. Some of these tools include AutoPipe piping modeling software, CAD software and ANSYS finite component analysis. There are cases when systems are assessed with the help of conventional stress and response techniques. 

Fatigue analysis is very important because fatigue failures are often quite costly. In the end, the equipment is dealing with huge damage which sometimes goes beyond repair. So, by investing in fatigue analysis business owners are protecting their equipment and increasing their chances for creating a successful project. 

Cad Crowd has designers that are prepared to work with any client throughout this complex process, from the starting phase of analysis till the end. Their analysis will help you avoid any hassles and problems with the equipment and machines you are trying to produce or use.

At Cad Crowd, we are proud of our vibrant community that includes a huge number of design and analytics experts from literally every part of our planet. We allow access to top-ranking freelancers that can work with serious clients. They are providing outstanding fatigue analysis services at a more than reasonable price. If you decide to work with any traditional design company, you will pay a lot more money. Feel free to send us more information about your project. Cad Crowd’s team will evaluate your requirements and needs and help you find a good freelancer that has knowledge and expertise in this field. 

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