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Motion analysis is used in industries where methods and applications produce a consecutive image or an image sequence. Motion analysis helps to analyze and process these sequences, and produce information based on the movement of the images. As a most simple application, motion analysis can be applied to detect motion and find the points of movement in the provided images, but there are several cases of high complexity where motion analysis is indispensable, like object tracking, grouping points that are in connection with the tracked object, or defining the direction and magnitude of motion, producing time-dependent information about motion. Therefore, there are various industries applying motion analysis as a vital tool in production. The methods applied slightly vary based on the industry. A few examples where motion analysis can be and is usually applied: medicine, film industry, automotive (crash safety), surveillance, firearm studies and ballistics, navigation of autonomous vehicles and much more. 

Motion analysis experts work by applying different highly complex methods that can contribute to your project's success. As these professionals can specialize and acquire expertise in numerous areas and industries, based on their previous experience and knowledge, we can connect you to a professional whose experience best fits your project requirements. By hiring a motion analyst expert via Cad Crowd, you will not only acquire your next indispensable team member, but also a highly motivated freelance professional. Hire online today via Cad Crowd, and enjoy the benefits of working together with a devoted expert, who aims to exceed your expectations.

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