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Member Since: 2013-12-14
My name is Stacy Kirkner. I have over 12 years’ experience in AutoCAD 2d and 3D models. (I actually teach AutoCAD). I am highly educated, just completed another degree B.B.A. with a 4.0 GPA while working full time job. Also, have 2 A.A.S. in engineering. I have a photographic memory, so if you tell me something or show me something, I have it! I am passionate about product designs, problem-solving, and creating. I am also artistically-inclined so I make sure product layouts look nice, as-well-as function properly. I am honest, works hard, and mechanically-inclined. I enjoy problem-solving and creating! I could do this type of work all day long and can't get enough of inventing and product designing. I am absolutely thrilled when I can be part of product development that will improve the lives of others! I welcome the opportunity to prove my abilities. I look forward to making your product designs, creations, and dreams come alive. Best Regards, Stacy Kirkner
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Machine Design Pro
Member Since: 2013-10-24
Design engineer with proven abilities to create innovative solutions. Diverse and progressive international experience in new product development and machine design. Designed, built and installed electro-mechanical products, machinery and systems for a wide variety of industries. Generated winning proposals and developed customer relationships. Innovative conceptual designer. Inventor of patented industrial machinery products. Solid track record leading profitable new product development. Registered Professional Engineer. Specialties: Machine designer with proven abilities to drive innovative new product development
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Member Since: 2014-05-22
About Me: In the past twenty plus years, working within large manufacturing facilities, I gained a considerable amount of experience. During this time I have been exposed to various complex mechanical, tooling and manufacturing problems and have gained a tremendous amount of hands on knowledge for solving these problems, giving me the necessary skills and abilities to improve and correct such problems that impede a company causing it to have lower quality and productivity. I have strong skills in the areas of tool making, tool design, product design, electronics, CAD, and automated machinery along with a proven ability to manage a company and feel that these qualities will make a positive impact on your facility. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Best Regards, Eddie
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Dinesh N
Member Since: 2016-07-23
Myself an Mechanical Engineer with Total 5+yrs total Experience in Design and development department, i possess considerable expertise with the design and development activity at machine tool industry, sheet-metal, plastic & gauges and fixtues.
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Venice Hilario
Member Since: 2014-04-28
i Design MAchine ,Factory Automation,Automotive and Semicon Industries
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Expert in Pro Engineering software and knows almost every module. Very proficient and good modelling methods.
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