Dylan RIce
Global rank:
5,745 / 36,546
Skill pts: 5


I love every aspect of CAD. I partially excel at solid, surface, creating engineering drawings and assembly modeling. I believe I can make your design come to life in CAD and would be happy to help with your project however I am able to. I have a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Western Washington University. As a manufacturing engineer I can offer insights into design for manufacture and assembly for what ever you're designing. I have experience optimizing parts for a wide range of processes from robotic assembly and CNC machining to additive manufacturing. I am also experienced conducting FEA analysis and can use it to test and improve the viability of a design. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to me by email.


  • Western Washington University Bachelors of Science , Manufacturing Engineering 2018 graduation


Bellingham, WA, United States