Since little I was always taught that the key to a good life was to get a degreee and then a good job at a big company, as expected this doesn´t account for the big chunk of personal life that big companies take, tasks not in the role/career description, lack of professional or economic growth, mismanaged project requirements and other stress generatos. This forced me to look out for a solution to a better work/life balance which led me to freelancing.

What I offer:
Mechanical design and engineering experience
Automotive experience
Supply chain experience
Footwear experience
FEA and CFD capabilities
Format conversion
CNC programming, troubleshooting and consulting in anything CNC or automation related
24/7 availability
Willing to take urgent and weekend jobs for a small price increase (+10% and +20% respectively)
Fast work turnaround
High work quality
High adaptability to specific workflows and schedules
Making changes as required
Aiming for maximum client satisfaction


  • Instituto tecnológico de Chihuahua Bachelor of engineering, Mechanical engineering 2012 graduation