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Last updated: Jun 15, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring CNC Part Design Professionals

Cad Crowd has the world's skilled CNC part design freelancers that will work with you through the CNC process, from sketch to CAD drafting, drawing, and design. We will connect you with a freelance designer to design the optimum CNC part for a new product or machine. 

Our designers are pre-qualified and backed by our guarantee that the CNC part design we deliver is accurate to your project specifications. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of hiring online, which is why we will connect you directly with top-ranking professionals in CNC part design. 

CNC or computer numeric control converts a CAD design into numbers based on the graphic coordinates provided. The coordinates control the movement of the cutter, guiding it to travel to different sets in sequence until the desired shape is fabricated. 

The role of CNC part design freelancers is to carry out CNC part design services that include initial sketch of a part, drawing a design in CAD software, importing a CAD drawing into CAM software to generate the G-code and toolpaths, and running the G-code through the CNC machine software. 

CNC part design can be done by manually tracing an image in CAD or automatically converting an image into vector for CNC. Depending on the software used, an image can be converted directly to G-code formats as well. 

Whichever option is used, designers from CNC part design companies, such as Cad Crowd, can handle the tasks with little to no problems. With CAD and CAM programs available, the whole process does not take a genius to complete. The advantage of hiring design professionals, however, is that flaws and errors are identified and remedied right away. They have the skills and knowledge in designing parts for CNC machining, after all. 

CNC part design involves looking into factors that ensure a design is optimized for machining. This includes hole depth and diameters, size and types of thread, live-tool lathes, multi-axis milling, wall heights and feature widths, and text to be written on the parts. Without knowledge of design optimization, it will be impossible to fabricate parts using a CNC machine. 

Our CNC part design freelancers will work with you throughout the entire design process, from the initial sketch of a part to CAD drawing and importation. With skills and knowledge about internal threads, hole depths, and 3-axis and 5-axis machining, you can be sure that your project will be achieved on time and within your budget. 

As one of the leading CNC part design firms, we follow best design practices for machined parts, customized or otherwise. Not only do we provide part designs that are optimized for CNC machining, but also ensure that a more cost-effective approach is taken. To save on costs in creating complex cylindrical shapes, for example, a CNC lathe is used instead of a CNC milling machine. We take your budget into consideration without compromising the quality of the parts.  

With thousands of CAD design professionals from all over the world, Cad Crowd can provide CNC part design services with high-quality outcomes. Tell us about your project. We will evaluate your needs and then match you with a freelancer in CNC part design.

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