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Last updated: Jun 14, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring CNC Machine Design Professionals

CNC machine design, or computer numerical controlled machining, is the process of making parts by taking away material from an object in an ultra precise and high speed manner. It uses a number of cutting tools that create the last design, that of which is always accurate. CNC designing machines are often used for bringing to life geometric shapes of much needed software, such as horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines and lathes. In order to make a part on these machines the correct way, there are programs that can help instruct the machine on the way that it needs to be moved. These programs are often known as computer aided manufacturing programs, and they are typically used with computer aided design programs. At Cad Crowd, we have CNC freelancers who are knowledgeable with both and can help get your CNC project up and running.

The CNC machining begins when a CAD model gets loaded into the computer aided manufacturing software and the tool paths are created. These are often made based on the geometry that the part in question is going to require. After the tool paths have been determined, the computer aided manufacturing software tells the machine how fast to move, the location to move within a 5-axis coordinate system, how fast to turn the tool and more inside of the machine code, also known as the G-code.

Using CNC machine design, highly complex shapes are able to be made in a more cost effective manner when you use a CNC lathe. With this lathe, the cutting tools are held stationary, and the part stock turns instead; on a CNC mill, the stock stays still while the tool turns. Creating the geometry comes down to using the right rotational speed as well as the feed rates and the movement of the tools to make the part. Knowing this information is half of the battle of the CNC, and the freelance CNC machine design experts at Cad Crowd know this language well.

Since the computer is in charge of the movement of the machine, the X, Y and Z axes presented are all able to move at the same time in order to create a number of features. This includes things such as a simple, straightforward line to a more complex set of geometric shapes. There are a few limits when it comes to CNC machining and not all features and shapes can be created, but that is not always the case. Our CNC freelancers are able to create almost anything you need for your project.

Cad Crowd is very proud of our CNC experts. The freelancers available on our site are all heavily vetted to ensure they are able to help with any CNC machining project. No matter what your project might be, you can be sure that you will get it back both on time and well within your budget. Get in touch with Cad Crowd today for a free price estimation for your unique project.

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