What is the Best Clothing Design Software for 3D Rendering & Modeling Apparel?

clothing design software for 3d rendering

This article will cover the best clothing design software for 3D rendering services and 3D modeling services for designing apparel. Now more than ever, the fashion industry is seeing a significant boom. Part of this ever-increasing popularity and improvement is the continuous development of technology that clothing manufacturers and fashion designers use to develop their creations. 

From shirts to jackets, soft goods, luggage, bags, purses, and anything else, these can now be easily envisioned, designed, and crafted with the help of 3D rendering and 3D modeling software. If you are looking for the best options you can use to bring your fashion ideas to life, here are the top 20 programs to help you out.

20 Best Clothing Design Software for 3D Rendering & Modeling Apparel


1. Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator is not technically a fashion design tool but is a popular option in many design schools. This is a great way to introduce students to vector graphics software effectively. Adobe Illustrator uses geometry and math to come up with high-definition illustrations. Unlike more straightforward drawing programs, this doesn’t work in a click and draw or drag and drop method. Even some designers of video games use the software for their creations. 

Since this program is popular among many design students, you won’t have difficulty searching for online tutorials using Adobe Illustrator. This is a good starting point for mastering using a generic program to design clothes and other apparel. 



2. Blue Cherry

Blue Cherry labels itself as apparel and fashion software. The program informs you that it offers some industry-specific abilities and features right from the get-go. The focus of this software is the business aspect of clothing design. This offers the necessary tools to guarantee that all stages of the clothing production process use 3D design services, making it more cost-efficient and accurate. 


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Blue Cherry also provides software solutions for inventory, supply chain, distribution, and cargo delivery. This is what designers use after they are done with their clothing design. The program also markets itself as a comprehensive tool covering all phases, from concept design to distribution to end consumers. While this software may be too advanced for beginners, it is perfect for small business owners and seasoned designers. 


3. Browzwear

The main focus of Browzwear is leading-edge clothing design. This 3D design software offers many exciting benefits, such as testing the plan’s fit before production starts. It is a design company based in Singapore that currently leads the way to design trends. Browzwear provides various software packages such as Lotta and VStitcher.

The main focus of Lotta is concept design basics, while VStitcher offers a more comprehensive ability to use true motion fit, craft concepts, and draw sewing patterns. The only disadvantage of this software is that it might not be a practical option for single users. Large companies typically purchase and use this program and select several users, with extra fees for each additional user.


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4. C-Design Fashion

C-Design Fashion is the 3D rendering design and modeling software that simplifies your clothing production’s lifecycle. This allows you to share and distribute the design as a part of the product creation process. The program also provides a more centralized way of sharing details regarding your designs, like sizing charts. This also lets you develop artistic variations, such as color schemes. It also offers several methods of uploading your digital designs from other software programs, e.g., Adobe Illustrator. 

This software also works in large and small business settings, with realistic pricing plans starting from as low as $49 a month. Boasting an intuitive user interface, many people in the fashion industry consider this to be among the most advanced software programs for fashion design available on the market right now. 



5. CLO 3D

CLO 3D offers interactive and intuitive 3D CAD solutions for fashion design. This provides several key features, such as 2D or 3D modeling for sewing pattern creation. However, the primary focus of CLO 3D lies in the world of 3D, as it gives you a wide variety of choices for color schemes, styles, and sizing. It also allows you to perform some tricks on 3D design, such as adding layers and folds to the 3D design or even making it look like the garment is in motion.

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The product also offers a free trial for 30 days, giving you the perfect opportunity to confirm whether it is suitable for your needs. This easy-to-use design software comes with an intuitive interface and many video tutorials to help users master it quickly. 



6. Corel Draw

Corel Draw is a 3D rendering and modeling software considered to be an excellent Adobe Illustrator alternative. This software is a great choice to consider if you are looking for a powerful tool for graphic design. The program provides a complete software suite and a selection of helpful apps. The software suite includes everything you need, from photo editing to typography, vector illustration, and collaboration.

Depending on your chosen products, this option might be cheaper than Adobe Illustrator. It also provides advanced design tools that you might not find anywhere else and a community of artistic designers and users that you can collaborate with. Used by several industries, Corel Draw has been the leading go-to tool for many fashion businesses for the past few years.



7. Digital Fashion Pro

What makes Digital Fashion Pro different from the rest of the programs on this list is that it will teach you all the basics of fashion design. This provides a starter kit and a course for learning and mastering fashion design. It also comes with features that have been specially developed to help you launch your very own clothing business.

Digital Fashion Pro also comes with several illustration and design tools. You can use the software to create 2D sketches using numerous shaping, color, and typing tools. The program also has pose-able models and customizable clothing templates that can help you create the perfect designs for shirts, jeans, dresses, swimwear, athletic wear, outerwear, shoes, and handbags. 


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EFI Optitex provides an extensive selection of software options, such as a 3D design tool that uses Adobe Illustrator. It also offers a sewing pattern drafting program. The program comes with business-related tools, such as a fabric manager. It is the type of software that helps small and large business owners alike to help them track and monitor everything.

It also works well with Adobe Illustrator and specializes in log and sportswear design. You can request a free demo from the company to check whether this software will meet your needs. But it is best to request a quote first to find out the pricing options for this software. 



9. Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a 3D rendering and modeling software with advanced capabilities. While this program has not been specifically tailored for fashion designers, it still lets you master some exceptional 3D tools. With the increasing demand for 3D modeling services in the fashion world today, it makes perfect sense to invest in Fusion 360 to create unique clothing designs. You can use this software to create sketches, freeform models, surface models, and direct models. Simulation development and collaborative data sharing are among the many other helpful features. Fusion 360 has a free trial to try the program before paying its monthly fee. 



10. Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer offers a variety of design tools, although fabric simulation is only part of its primary focus. Two more features of the program include pattern drafting and 2D design. This software is worth a try if you want to create 3D character models that look like characters who stepped right out of a top-quality video game. With this program, your designs will look very real, to the point that you will feel as if you can reach into your computer screen and use your hands to touch and feel the material’s texture. This program also comes with a variety of animating and modeling options. It also makes it easy to add fancy detailing and trim to your clothing designs. 


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11. Maya

Autodesk is the company behind the development of the 3D modeling software Maya. Maya features some advanced software tools and is an excellent option for the fashion industry’s professional designers. This software has also been an excellent option for chara design. It is an efficient tool for creating not only the movement of clothes but also of characters. 

Maya 3D modeling services are an excellent option if you search for 3D rendering and modeling design software that provides exceptional renderings. The modeling program has different applications, including the fashion industry, thanks to its being a powerful polyvalent tool. If you want your experience to be even better, you can combine Maya and Marvelous Designer to come up with the designs of your dreams.



12. Pattern Smith

Based on its name, it won’t be a surprise that designing sewing patterns is the main specialization of Pattern Smith. It is a 2D CAD drafting program that provides advanced tools to help you develop digital pattern pieces for all types of garments. The program’s design features let you draft, edit, and digitize sewing patterns. The program also has sewing-specific abilities, like inserting tucks, darts, and notches in ways. As an award-winning software program, Pattern Smith is an easy-to-use and intuitive solution specially made for textile patterns. The key features of this tool include custom add-ons, automated pattern clean-up, complete 2D CAD pattern editing, drafting, and streamlined order processing.  


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13. Rhino

Rhino is another efficient 3D modeling and rendering software program applicable in different industries (i.e., the fashion industry). Since this is a professional tool, experience is required to develop accurate patterns for your 3D prototype designs and final products. Rhino can also be used with a plugin, Grasshopper, to create more impressive designs using advanced graphical algorithms. Rhinegold is also a good option if you want to use 3D modeling to create jewelry with a specially made jewelry design. 



14. Romans CAD

Romans CAD is a software program that has been specially made for the creation of leather products and the footwear industry. It is a CAD design fashion software that is notably efficient for developing prototypes and allows designers to make all the necessary changes to the products in the most accurate way possible. It is an efficient, cloud-based program meant to speed up the work process and enhance communication between manufacturers and designers. As the fashion world evolves, requiring brands to work faster, this software program offers better collaboration and communication for people who work in the footwear industry. 


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The Smart Designer

15. The Smart Designer

Brilliant Designer is a fashion design CAD software based in Korea that provides 2D and 3D garment sketches. It also offers industry-specific features such as draping or making knit fabric or woven fabric apparel. Similar to other comprehensive tools for design, this product also provides tools for creating 2D sewing patterns based on your design concepts. But although there is an attractive up-and-coming appeal to this breakthrough program, it seems like Smart Designer is still in its early phases of development. You might need to contact the program creator first to learn about its pricing. 



16. Tailornova

Tailornova offers advanced tools for 3D fashion design. This software is web-based rather than downloadable, and it offers plenty of cloud-sharing options and ensures that several features are more accessible from various locations or devices. The program also features fabric selection, pattern making, and concept design tools to transform your garment ideas into authentic products. Aside from the design tools, it also offers custom-fit choices that let you create clothes for people of all sizes and shapes. Before you commit to the complete package, worth $29 a month, Tailornova allows you to conduct a dry run first with its trial version, available for free. 


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17. TUKA 3D

TUKA 3D has become a big name in the world of fashion design. The company has three software packages. The first focuses on 3D design, the second specializes in pattern making, and the third is on print and textile design. Each of these programs comes with advanced features primarily meant for garment design. The program also provides business-oriented features that focus on marketing and the creation of products. TUKA 3D has established its reputation as a software program for sewing pattern design. This renowned software option also has an extensive community of users who sell and share their designs in TUKA’s marketplace as an additional resource. 



18. Virtuality.Fashion

Virtuality is a 3D rendering and modeling software that helps you create apparel and fashion designs that are more streamlined and modern. The program covers everything you need, from 2D pattern designs to more advanced 3D Hi-Res simulations. However, this packaging is more appealing in its virtual showroom that lets you design your online shop. This means that it is not just a simple concept design tool but lets you upload and edit designs using some advanced features. However, this is not meant for creating plans, and you also need to submit your request for a quote through their official website to find out its pricing. 


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19. Wild Ginger Cameo

As software specializing in apparel pattern development, Wild Ginger Cameo allows you to materialize designs, making it a perfect choice for professional pattern makers. Whether you need to develop bespoke creations or plan for a mass standard-size production, this software lets you draft, create, and edit technical pattern specifications. 



20. ZBrush

ZBrush is rounding up the list of the best clothing design, 3D rendering design, and modeling software for apparel. This exceptional modeling tool lets you work on texturing and painting. This CAD software is also helpful in the fashion industry. However, since it has more advanced tools, it is more suitable for experienced users. ZBrush is a feasible solution if you need a software program to develop impressive renderings. Like Maya, you can pair it with Marvelous Designer for better results. 


The Bottom line

These are just some of the top 3D rendering and modeling software programs for apparel and clothing design. Remember that whatever solution you pick, ensure you learn the program’s features to get the best results. Cad Crowd can assist you with 3D rendering services and 3D modeling services requirements. Contact us for a free quote.