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3D character modeling has a variety of uses in a wide range of industries. Whenever you see a video game character come to life or an animated avatar in a promotional video, 3D character modeling and animation are at work. Over the years, this technique has come a long way, and many 3D character design studios can provide character modeling that is lifelike and defies what we know to be possible regarding technology.

There are several reasons as to why 3D character modeling would be essential for what you do. However, the process can be seen as complicated and involved. The amount of technical know-how requires extensive knowledge in character sculpting and character texturing and can make the process feel daunting and overwhelming to pursue. However, there is a way to ensure you receive an accurate portrayal of your preferred 3D character, and it all starts with a professional designer.

A designer experienced in 3D character modeling, character sculpting, and 3D character animation can ensure your 3D character meets your specifications. Regardless of the complexity of your needs, Cad Crowd has a global network of pre-vetted designers who can jump right in and handle your 3D character modeling project. The 3D character modeling process is one where you need the best. It requires an expert designer as well as a company that is dedicated to ensuring your projects are completed efficiently.

So, how can 3D character modeling be used for your business, and how can our company help you along the way? Take a look below.

How 3D character modeling is used in a variety of industries

There are many uses of 3D character modeling. It’s worth outlining what this design technique can bring to your company. So, here are some of the applications we can help support you with regarding 3D character modeling.

Business avatars – Today, more and more businesses are seeing the value of creating promotional content. As a result, many are using digital avatar characters to engage audiences with their brand messaging. If you need a 3D character for your next business video, we have designers that can help make that happen.

Video game designs – When most of us think of 3D character modeling, gaming is likely what comes to mind. Today, the video game industry has gone to new heights. Characters are looking more lifelike than ever, and designers are using creativity to produce animations we have never seen before in recent years. There are several options, from modeling and rendering to sculpting that are available to make video game characters look much more compelling.

Movies and animation – Film and animation studios are also prime candidates for this design technique. Whether they are creating a short film or a feature-length film, these studios require 3D character modeling. The realistic and sleek look of today's animated and live-action digital characters is due to this design technique. Much like video games, 3D character modeling has almost become synonymous with this specific industry.

VR training – Much like with the business avatars mentioned above, 3D character modeling and 3D character design is growing in popularity regarding virtual reality (VR) and even augmented reality. VR puts viewers right into the footage they are viewing. Many VR training programs and even associated video games will use 3D character design to add realism to the characters used in these situations.

So, there are several uses for 3D character modeling. However, it would help if you found the right designer that can carry out these tasks for your respective industry. Here are some tips for selecting the right designer for your next 3D character modeling process.

3D character modeling – picking the right 3D modeling freelancer

While all of our designers are pre-vetted and experienced, it’s worth discussing ways to select a designer that is the best fit for your team and specific project. So, here are a few pieces of advice for finding the best 3D character modeling freelance designer:

See if they have experience in your industry

While 3D character modeling designers have skills they can bring to several industries, there are times when you need someone who has experience with your specific industry. So, make sure you look at their portfolio and past work projects to see if they have worked within your sector or have designed 3D character models for it.

Check out their skills

For designers to be truly successful in 3D character modeling, they need to have a set of versatile skills. If you are looking for realism, they should have experience in character texturing and character sculpting. If you are looking to develop a dynamic character that can move, then you need someone who is experienced in 3D character animation. Have they done high or low poly modeling? Make sure you take a look at their skills as well as their portfolio to get some insight into what they can do for your project.

Do they have the bandwidth?

3D character modeling can take much time. The process requires a mix of mathematical calculations and creativity. So, you want to make sure that whoever you choose has the time necessary to dedicate to your project. So, determine the type of help you need and be honest about all the 3D character model support you are seeking. The designer then has the information they need to determine if this is a project they have the time to handle.

How do you collaborate?

How do you want your designer to collaborate with you? Do you have tools like Slack, Google Drive, or even Asana that you use to keep everyone on the same page? If so, make sure your designer has experience with these tools or alternatives and that they can learn to use them if they are not familiar with them. Collaboration and communication are essential, so make sure your designer is open to this and that they understand how you and your team get work done.

These questions and the answers to them will help you determine if the designer you are interested in is the best fit for your company and your project. Ultimately, it would help if you determined what your needs are and the results you are looking for regarding your 3D character modeling project. Then, you can create questions that help you tell if the designer can provide what you need.

Premier 3D character modeling software used by experienced designers

As you are selecting the best 3D designer for your project, it is helpful to know the tools they may be working with. So, here are some of the most well-known and widely used 3D character modeling software:

Maya – This is one of the most robust modeling tools out there. It has been used in a variety of famous video games and movies. It is expensive and can be challenging to learn. It comes with many advanced features and capabilities that may or may not be necessary for your specific project. For example, if you need a character model that looks so lifelike that hair or eye color is visible, then Maya may be what you need.

Blender – Fortunately, Blender is not only an excellent choice for 3D character modeling, but it comes with a free price tag. It allows for detailed rendering, texturing, and modeling while also producing images that can compete with those made with more expensive and advanced software. It is worth checking out, especially for those just beginning in design.

3ds Max – This is another design program brought to us by Autodesk (the other being Maya). It is a bit less complicated to learn and is for Windows only. Users can use the program for character rigging, animation, and fluid simulation. It also comes with an extensive library of modifiers so that designers can quickly accomplish their design goals.

Daz Studio – This software is another free option. It has many features of the other design programs, but also includes a morph library to aid in the design of your 3D character. Daz Studio allows you to create lifelike expressions and renderings of characters. It is definitely the way to go if you want to create seamless animations and movements with a smaller price tag.

These software options represent just some of the tools out there, as there are a wide variety of others to consider. 3D character modeling, character sculpting, and character texturing are not easy skills. 

These programs make it much easier to accomplish these tasks while bringing characters to life. Many of our Cad Crowd freelance designers have experience in the software tools mentioned above. So, be sure to let us know if you are looking for a designer to have a specific skillset involving these tools, and we will be sure to help you locate them within our database.

Choose a Cad Crowd designer for your next 3D character modeling project

Today's world makes the use of digital images and designs consistently commonplace. We cannot turn on the television, watch YouTube, or view a film without seeing the results of 3D character modeling. This technique has a variety of uses, and our goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs and companies large and small can locate the design help that they need.

Our designers are pre-vetted, experienced in their niches, and bring unparalleled levels of attention to detail. We can help you find the 3D character modeling designer that is the best fit for your project. We understand that you have a lot to manage, and we want to offer our global network of designers as a resource to get the design help that you need. So, regardless of your specific needs, we can assist you in your next 3D character modeling project.

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