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Last updated: Jun 16, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Video Game Design Professionals

Cad Crowd has a community of video game design freelancers who have turned their love for video games into a serious career. Should you need help with video game design services, we will connect you directly to pre-qualified designers, eliminating the need for you to sort through resumes and CVs. We take out the guesswork of hiring a freelance video game design professional so you can get started on your project right away. 

Video game design involves planning and implementing various aspects of a video game, from the pre-production stage through to the production and testing. Our video game design services are designed to help video game creators bring their vision to life.

An initial game proposal is produced that outlines the concept, gameplay, story, feature list, target audience, and requirements, to name a few. The proposal also includes the number of staff required and the budget estimates. 

Because video game design requires technical, artistic, and writing skills, video game design freelancers have to be versatile with several skills up their sleeves. For smaller indie games, a design team can double as video game programmers. But when games become more complex, design and programming became separate functions. 

A freelance video game design professional is often expected to adopt multiple roles. They may be assigned to create level designs at one time and then concept prototyping in another. This is especially true with the different disciplines in video game design. 

World design is the creation of the game's setting, backstory, and theme, which is often done by a lead designer. The work also includes the creation of a universe or a map and other areas that a player can pursue. System design, on the other hand, refers to the rules and mathematical patterns essential to the creation of a game. 

Content design, as the name suggests, focuses on game content, such as items, characters, missions, and puzzles. Game writing revolves around the dialogue, text, story, music, and voice acting. Level design refers to the creation of different world levels and their corresponding features. Video game designers use paper or 3D modeling tools, taking into consideration different elements that would draw a player's attention or mislead them, such as space, lighting, color, framing, and contrast. 

User interface design is where menus, heads-up display, and the like are created, while audio design is all about creating or incorporating game sounds. Once all these are created, they provide the game feel or that intangible sensation that players feel when playing the video game. 

To ensure your video game inspires fun, excitement, and a bit of addictive quality, hire professional video game design freelancers from Cad Crowd today. 

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